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Friday, February 25, 2011

Ten Reasons Why I Might Follow or UnFollow You on Twitter

Everyone seems to have their own pet peeves about Twitter and it's nearly impossible to live up to everyone else's standard of twitterville etiquette. I thought it would be interesting to see how you feel about the Twitterverse.

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1. I'll be sure to follow your tweets faithfully if you're sharing quotes and content that inspires.

2. I'll follow closer if you help promote other bloggers without an agenda to butter them up to get something in return. Some tweeps are too obvious in their sucking up. I'll actually unfollow suck ups.

3. I add relational bloggers to a list that gets promoted via the Paper Li. I'm picky about who I put on this list. If you find it in my Twitter stream and you happen to be on it, then you score high in my Twitter stream.

4. I will pretty much follow anyone if they ask me to, but if they end up violating my personal boundaries for my Twitterville, I'll unfollow. My time is precious and I don't want to waste my time sifting through time or emotional vampires.

5. If you think you have the corner market on the divine order of the universe, I unfollow. I don't want to get into heated bashing replies from people who think they have the whole world's truth 100% and neatly packed into their tweets as if they are God himself.

6. I enjoy thought provoking articles that are open minded. I love to follow people who are mature and can handle diversity.

7. I'm not a bigot against gender, religions, etc. So please don't expect me to be. I value a person's human rights and freedom. As long as they respect the Constitutional and spiritual freedom of others. Abusive people can abstain from following me. I stand up for the oppressed, so if you're a bully you may want to stay out of my way.

8. I allow others to voice their opinions if they can allow me to voice mine too. Just be respectful about it. Just because someone disagrees with you (or me) doesn't make them "wrong" or "awful" people.

9.  I like seeing my friends tweet their latest articles, just don't over do it. Too much self promotion is overkill.

10. Don't spam hashtag streams. If you're not sure what a hashtag stream's intended use is. ask them For ex: "What is the hashtags #savvyblogging for specifically?" Ask if they have a post explaining the do's and don'ts of it.

What are some of your Twitter pet peeves
What do you LIKE to see in Twitterville?

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Thursday, February 24, 2011

5 Reasons Why Your Blog Might be Superficial

Have you ever thought your blog might be superficial? Why do bloggers want an audience? The rat race for followers, subscribers, and hit count can drag you down to blog hell trying to create something out of nothing. Blogging doesn't have to be that hard. If we treat our blogs like the hierarchy number chasers in religion, we'll quickly end up just like them. Tired, over worked, and of no substance at all. No one can survive in a superficial community.
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1. Why do you want an audience? Are you looking for a limelight for yourself? If you are, you will be creating a superficial audience that you'll have to keep performing for or you'll lose readers. Do you really want that kind of an audience?

2. A good blog audience is built on genuine relationships. Therefore you need to be yourself. Don't try to knock yourself out trying to be Martha Stewart or The Pioneer Woman. It doesn't work. Everyone will know you're a copycat. It's best to just be yourself. If you're working hard to be like 'mega stepford blogger' you'll never be number one, you'll only be a short changed second place.

3. Conquer your fears. If you're always afraid to blog how you really feel, what you really believe, or what your real opinions are, then you are held captive by peer pressure. I'm not suggesting you start using foul language or to be rude, we certainly can tame our tongues and season our words with salt, but you certainly don't have to fake being a sugar cookie if you're really a red velvet cake with buttery cream cheese frosting.

4. You don't know your identity. Some bloggers don't know who they are. This is why so many are trying to copy everyone else. What is unique about YOU.  If you don't know, ask the people you know in real life. Go to Wordle and add the URL of your blog in there. Find out what you blog about most often. The word cloud will show what your passions are. Your passions come from the heart. When we copy what others are doing we're just trying to recreate their hearts on on our blogs. Be you. Be original. This is my word cloud for The HomeSpun Life. The largest words are the things I blogged about most this week. You can enter the category URL you write most about too. For example, if your most filled category is "daily life" then get that category URL and put it in the Wordle tool.
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5. Be friendly. I can't say this enough. Reply to people you like on Twitter. Participate in your blog comment section. Be genuine. Don't try to butter people up with an agenda to piggy back their audience. Find your own 'place' in the blogosphere and own your place. You'll want readers who really like you for you. To have friends, one must first show friendliness. 

Any additional thoughts to share?
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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Finding My Peaceful Moments

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With all the busyness in life it's sometimes difficult to find that peaceful moment to breathe. Daily life of doing dishes, homeschooling, laundry, and cooking has wonderful aspects to them, but finding time to just be me is so needed. I can't allow my housework to define me. My housework is not my identity. If I allowed my daily grind at home to define me I eventually feel like a slave and I need to break out of the routine and get refreshment.

I enjoy my time getting out of the house with my camera and capturing beautiful moments in this place we endearingly call Earth. I see colorful poppies and slow down to notice the color scheme the Lord created around it. The shade of orange is the perfect match for the shades of green surrounding it. I contemplate the artwork of our Creator and thank him for the display of perfection.

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Some days I turn up the music in my car and listen to the lyrics of the singers of faith, but sometimes I need silence and He gives me the lyrics to my own heart's song. When I went to Carmel, my husband and I watched the sunset. Listening to the crashing waves then the gentle soothing of the sea foaming fizzing on the sandy shore, that was worship music to me. In my heart I soaked in the rhythm of the waves being pulled by the attraction between Earth and Luna. I listen with my ears ,with eyes closed gently, then I open them to see the painting on the horizon.

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These are my peaceful moments with Him, my Creator, Father, and Protector. The One I love so deeply. I silently whisper to Him in my heart that His creation is so heavenly to my senses and he whispers back, "You are fearfully and wonderfully made" The communing between my Creator and I, a two way street. I wouldn't have it any other way. I can't allow my dining with Him in the Spirit to become routine. I won't allow it to become ritual. I cringe at the thought of our time together becoming mundane. In this loud and busy world, I want to slow down and have genuine moments with Him. Moments that are so defined by authenticity, the authenticity only He can provide. If only I'll listen. Prayer most certainly can be different.

I'm linking this to Ann's Walk with Him Wednesday. Much to my surprise her article and mine are so similar. He works among the online community so beautifully. Soli Deo Gloria

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