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Monday, December 31, 2007

Blog Swap!

This is a Christian mom blog swap where bloggers can swap blog tags to help promote their blogs. Why not just have a blogroll Sisterlisa? Well, I have a few reasons. One is that many bloggers have multiple blog rolls on their sites that are hiding behind html that you must click on to see them. Another reason is that graphics catch the eye more effectively than a link, and it's just flat out fun!


1. This is a free networking opportunity for Christian mom blogs only. No businesses please. For business swaps please see me at designer G's.

2. Rated G-type blogs only please. I reserve the right to refuse networking to moms who post inappropriate content, whether by grammar, graphics, or links.

3. If you do not have a graphic to swap, a basic button can be ordered from designer G's for free, with this swap only, in exchange for wearing the designer G's button in your side bar.

4. The graphic MUST be posted on one of your side bars that is viewable on every page. You may not hide the swapped button in a post.

5. If you would like to swap with multiple mom bloggers, please indicate how many you'd like to swap with when you contact me. Amount of swapped buttons are based on how many are signed up. For ex; if there are only 20 swappers, you may not request to swap with 25.

6. Graphics must be 150x150 pixels 72 dpi.

7. You must provide your own graphic hosting code. (Photobucket, Tiny Url, etc.)

8. Swaps will be coordinated weekly, as needed.

9. First swap of January 2008 will be on 7th.

10. Send in your submission to me here.

Please share this blog swap with your friends with this graphic. You may copy and paste the code from here:

Come Swap Your Blog!

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Susana March 26, 2008 at 3:40 AM  

Hi there,

I think it is neat that my blog is similar to yours;

I also have

It was nice visiting your blog. Take care!

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