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Friday, December 14, 2007

Dog Fighting

If you've been reading the sports page or watching ESPN you have heard about this more times than you care to. It grieves me that animals are trained to fight in such viscious arenas. However I can't stop thinking about something even more brutal. I know men will not agree with me in this point, but I just need to ask. What kind of values do we have in America where we want to do all we can to stop dog fighting and yet boxing remains such a popular 'sport'.

The point is to knock the other person unconscious. The medical concerns in regards to boxing is GREAT. How can we read this list of concerns and yet remain proactive in boxing, yet we value the life if a dog or a rooster over that of a man, a husband, a son?

I think that if we're going to take a stand about animal fights and send people to jail, then we must also face the fact that boxing is just as inhumane. Perhaps this is why the animal trainers don't see this as a big deal.

Your thoughts?

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