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Monday, December 17, 2007

Jesus Doll

I read this morning about a debatable news story about Toys for Tots rejecting the new talking Jesus doll. I wanted to take a minute to talk about this with you all. First of all, even some Christians are not happy with this new doll, as for me I'm not sure what to think of it really. If we're going to have Jesus doll I do think it should quote actual scripture and not paraprhases.

Thinking of my Savior as a doll doesn't settle well with me though. Moses, David, and Esther seems fine to me, although the Esther doll should be more beautiful in my own opinion. Why would we have an Esther doll, who is supposed to be the most beautiful woman in the land at the time and Barbie remains the picture perfect beauty?

I personally volunteer for Toys for Tots and we do have several churches that have outreach ministries in our community, reaching needy children, and any of these dolls that we get will go to them. Once those churches have the dolls, most of the children and families have no idea it's from Toys for Tots. At that point it's from Santa or the parents. Since these toys are new unwrapped toys, the parents can choose to take it back to a store if they want. To me this really isn't a big deal.

As far as people rejecting the Jesus doll, no matter where it comes from, why reject a doll that sends out the message of peace and keep Britney Spears dolls and she's a drug addict? Bratz dolls are just that, brats. Spoiled street girls that dress like the world and wear too much make up.

Next comes my thoughts about people not acknowledging Jesus' birthday in Christmas any more. At WikiAnswers it says that the X in X-mas represents Christ's death. You can aslo see here that Christmas originally meant 'festival for Christ'. Some explain that MAS means MORE and so Christmas is seen as More of Christ makes you Merry. Whatever way you choose to see 'Christmas' it all boils down to REALLY being about Jesus, so for anyone to celebrate it as their own idea is blatantly disregarding Christ himself.

Just imagine with me that your dad is a national hero and everyone celebrates his birthday. Through the years people forget about your dad and now use HIS birthday as THEIR own agenda to GET gifts. Next they take his name completely off the calendar and say it's about an old man with a long beard. Now they come out and say that they no longer recognize your dad as the reason for the original celebration and now REJECT him for what he did to become a hero in the first place.

Just a thought to ponder this Christmas. Come and see what I said over at Apples of Gold Ministries about how we can use this holiday to reach those Jesus came for and what we can imagine Jesus would say HE'D want for Christmas.

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