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Sunday, December 30, 2007

One Cold Morning

So this morning we get up and I tell Moni that she needs to get in the shower. She is the fastest when it comes to showering and 5 of us needed hot water this morning. She got out in about 10 minutes, but when it came time or Gina to hop in, there was NO hot water. My husband came out to find out what was going on and he had to investigate the hot water heater. The other day someone was here to do an inspection on the gas and the guy must have turned it down.

Gina and Timmy had shallow baths with heated water from the microwave. Now I certainly do appreciate oue water heater now. I can't imagine how it must have been for great grandparents who grew up taking baths in heated water from their mother's heated stove. Many children took baths in tubs in their farms, all though the winter. I can NOT imagine living like that.

As I struggled through our cold morning I feel as though I could have done better and been more flexible, yet I fought back feelings of frustration and it really showed in my actions and tone of voice as we frantically tried to adjust our morning routine before church. It always seems to be on Sunday mornings that our enemy throws these rocks at our lives.

Last night, Timmy wanted to snuggle up to mommy and daddy and daddy wanted to snuggle with me. It's kinda fun being 'fought' over by my two favorite guys in the wole world. ;O)
I have been seriously treasuring every day I have. I have blogging friends who are facing cancer, friends who have lost children, and my own grandmother is not going to make it through the week. Any time my kids want to snuggle I want to be very willing to take the extra time to value each and every moment I have with them.

As I look at a new year approaching in just two more days I am pondering how I will spend each and every day. Did you make goals last January? How many did you accomplish? What are you transferring over to your list for 2008? This morning my Pastor taught about dealing with conflict. What a morning for me to hear that! It was exactly what I needed. It felt like he had seen our whole morning. So what are your thoughts as 2008 approaches?

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