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Sunday, January 6, 2008

Life Without Water

Have you ever wondered what life would be like if you didn't have water, in a home with 6 people no less? This weekend we suffered a very large storm, large for California at least. We didn't lose power, praise God, but for some odd reason the pump went out. We have been without water for 3 whole days! It's nice that we can sleep in a warm home and get on net to find out what's going on in our county, but I'm really missing my running water!

Now I get a small glimpse of what it must have been life for our ancestors. We took a few pitchers out to the gutter and collected water into an ice chest so we could use it to flush the commodes. Not only that, but we MUST keep the bathroom doors SHUT in our home smells like a Port-a-potty. YUCK! After each flush I pour bleach into the bowl and close the lid.

Now when I was growing up I had the pleasure of washing dishes in a dish pan under ice cold river water, so I knew what to do about our dishes, but showering is a whole other story. We HAD to go to a friend's house for that. Tomorrow we'll be heading the the gym for some shower time!

My husband took two ice chests to a friend's house for fresh water and I have been microwaving it to have for washing dishes, hands, faces, and that unmentionable place. ;O) Tomorrow begins our 4th day without water and AF has arrived! ewwwwww! NOT a good time to be without water!

We're not the only ones who have suffered, as a matter of fact over half our town has been without power. You should have seen the drive thru line at In and Out the other night. It appears that only a handful of businesses remained in operation and those places were PACKED. We headed over to Barnes and Noble for a Starbuck's coffee and I have never seen then so full. I asked the woman behind the counter if their store has ever been this busy and she replied adamantly and with rolling eyes, "NEVER!" It was quite comical.

While we were waiting to be seated at Applebee's, by the way they have a great Weight Watchers menu, I piped up and asked the folks, in the eternally crowded waiting lobby, who had lost power. This is a great way to start conversations when you know for a fact that at least half of them will say, "Me!" We had an interesting conversation while we listened to the various stories from each of the patrons.

I don't think I've ever seen so many people suffer in our town at one time. This morning we went to church and we had several new visitors who had apparently not had power or water either. (do you really want me to tell you how I know this?) I wondered how many of them came just so that they could be in a warm building, but that didn't matter to me. I was glad they came and they heard the gospel of Christ.

So many of us were walking through the church asking how everyone was doing and offering what help we could provide. In turn, people were offering their showers to us as well. I wonder how they could tell we needed it? (eye roll) We actually did go to a friend's home Saturday morning, but it's time to shower again! The odor at church was like one I had never smelled, well actually it did remind me of the sports bus after a Friday night football game.

Life without water. I'll be so thankful when we get our water back on, but it sure taught us that we could show God more thanks for the things we deem as 'little'.

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