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Friday, January 11, 2008

Meet Kit; An American Girl- In July!

For those of you who are American Girl fans, Kit's movie will be appearing in theaters this coming July 2nd!

I'm not usually a real big fan of films made in this day and age, but out of what we have to choose from, I've always been pleased with The American Girl films.

Although this film won't be perfect, in relation to God's perfection, it may be the most conservative film today's girls will see all summer.

I saw the trailer and I was especially drawn to the fact that Kit is a writer! Notice I didn't say 'wants to be a writer'? Kit is a confident young lady who take the initiative to put herself out there in order to achieve her goals as a journalist. Just imagine if we were raising the next generation of reporters? To have a reporter take a stand and actually write the truth? My mind is flooded with visions of Christian men and women who write for God's glory, speaking the truth in love and respect. (Just a side note: my girls will be required to read the book before seeing the film.) These historical girls are used by parents and teachers everywhere to bring history to the lives of our daughters in a fun and exciting way.

A friend of mine made me realize that we are handing our children, the next generation, an heritage that will be used by God to bring glory to his name as this world draws closer to His second coming.

When I first heard about blogging, it was not in a positive light. All I heard about was networking with ungodly influences, children being exposed to dangerous people, and parents being filled with fear. Then someone asked me for graphic help on their blog. A kind acquaintance asked me to take a look at her site to get help for a graphic. She then showed me the blog, of a blog designer, to show me what she wanted. Not only was I impressed with the designs and templates, but most of her clients were blogging about the Lord.

I was intrigued by this new view that was forming in my mind about blogs. I began to ask a multitude of questions from other people who I knew were bloggers. They opened my mind to understand that not all blogs were bad. Not only was I now inspired and encouraged by online devotions, but I found alot of homeschoolers sharing all their experiences with the blogosphere. As I curiously continued to read further, I found a variety of homeschooling children and teens who were blogging also. I came across some highly intelligent young people who not only were writing, but really getting their point across.

Seeing teens who took a stand about their convictions blew my mind! These teens are writing about how they deal with day to day homeschooling and social dilemmas with other kids in their youth groups. I was encouraged that there really are teens out there who were not only smart, but spiritual as well.

As I began to blog myself, my own daughters began to read everything I wrote. I built my daughter, Mj, her very own blog to show off her cooking projects to her grandparents. From there she asked for another blog for off topic entries and now she writes her own devotions. I built a blog for my oldest daughter and she began to write about things God was placing on her heart also.

Now the three of us are not only writing on our own individual blogs, but we founded an online publication for Christian girls. In my side bar you'll see a pretty tag for Growing in Grace Ministries. This is our mother-daughter online publication. A friend of mine saw the site today and commented on how I am handing down a heritage for my girls.

You never know where you'll end up when you apply yourself. In the last week I was asked to write a monthly column for an online homeschooling magazine called The Heart of The Matter. Just a few days later a local magazine asked me to write about The Heart of The Matter in their print publication and asked if I had any other ideas for homeschooling articles.

God certainly has opened doors for us that we never thought possible. Our church's theme this year is 'With God, All Things Are Possible' Can God do the 'impossible' in your life? Of course he can, but the question is, "Will you let Him?"

Does your child blog? Are they publishing their work online? Are you allowing them to blog mindlessly or are you teaching them and guiding them to write with skill and purpose? My friend is a Marine Historian and his job is to record the history of the Iraqi war. Imagine being responsible for writing the history of a war, let alone the whole world. God wrote His history for us in order to live a fulfilling life while here on Earth. What kind of history are our children recording? What will our great-grandchildren be taught when we're gone?

Thank you to all the homeschooling moms who are investing in their children's futures. God has used all of you to bring hope and inspiration to our lives here at The HomeSpun Life.

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Jackie in AR January 15, 2008 at 7:06 AM  

Thanks for the heads-up about the Kit movie. Dds will be excited to hear that!

You've encouraged me to allow my older 3 dc to begin private blogs. Dd 10 loves to cook and she would very much enjoy sharing her creations with her family and friends. And it would encourage all 3 to become purposeful writers. Thanks!

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