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Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No Tornadoes Allowed

As a homeschooling mom of four I can testify of the fact that the house quite easily could become tornado alley. Today we are revamping our daily routines inspired by She has a routine for kids and we just looked it over and adjusted it to our unique little home.

First thing in the morning we need to make our beds, before we even get dressed. (Yes, we get dressed, no pj's until bedtime here)
Get dressed and use restroom. If you're having trouble waking up, splash your face with cold water.
Prepare a load of laundry by type. (Colors or whites)
Have Devotions.

Empty dishwasher. (Dishwasher is run every night.)
Clean up from breakfast.
Start/switch laundry.(For the kids this depends on whether or not my load has been switched around yet.)
Get out daily educational materials.
Prepare area for study. (This is different from day to day, sometimes they choose their desk, the dining room table, a TV tray by the couch, etc.)

While the kids are doing their work I do bits of my own chores in between helping them. I'll sweep, mop, or fold laundry.

We break around 11 am for some play time outside and snack.
We come back in and finish up our work and have lunch.

After lunch we'll play educational games until 2 or so.
Around 2 we'll plan for dinner and begin to make preparations for dad to come home, some days we go to the gym.

Our evenings are always different, but at bedtime the routines begin again.
I'll post about our bedtime routines another day.

If we stray from our routines, our home will look like a tornado hit it. We don't want tornadoes, it's much more difficult to clean up after a tornado has hit.

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