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Thursday, February 7, 2008

The Jelly Bean Palace

I've been busy this week creating a special homepage for my youngest daughter, Gina. She wanted a blog to be like her mommy and sisters, so I created her one to be used as her very own homepage. Now when she signs onto her computer, her internet link goes directly to her page, The Jelly Bean Palace.

I'm still working on the links and adding new sites for her, but for now, these are the only sites she's allowed on. As I update them she'll have more choices, but at least this way she'll go only to the sites I put on her 'homepage'

Just another fun way to make learning fun!

2 kind words:

Dana February 7, 2008 at 8:41 PM  

Have you heard of Glubble? It is still in beta, but it is a sort of filter for Firefox. Rather than trying to block what it thinks is bad, however, it only allows what you have allowed.

So you set up your child with whatever sites, and s/he can play on them. If they try to see a site that isn't allowed, it won't let them, but they can tag it requesting permission to see it. The next time you log on (and under your login info you have full access to the web), you see a little note from your child requesting to visit those sites and you can approve or deny them.

We tested it and liked the concept, but it was too slow. They have a new version we haven't checked out yet, but when they get it all worked out, I think it will be a good product!

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