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Thursday, February 21, 2008

Share Your Faith Carnival

I will now be hosting the Share Your Faith Carnival each month here at The HomeSpun Life.

Each month the carnival will be a different aspect of sharing your faith. The first one is sharing your faith about homeschooling. Titus 2:3 says to be 'teachers of good things'. As women we are instructed by God's Word to teach the younger women and that's what we aim to do here.

This carnival is for mature women to share their faith in various aspects. By mature I mean that they are mature in Christ. If a young lady at the age of 13 wants to submit her post to the carnival when it pertains to her she may do so. (Homeschooling dads and sons are also welcome)

In this Homeschool Edition of The Share Your Faith Carnival, we will share our testimony about how God led us to decide to homeschool. If you're a young lady/lad still being homeschooled, we welcome your point of view as the student, so long as it builds up the body of Christ.

We want to encourage our readers by sharing our faith as it pertains to us personally. This is not an opportunity to be critical of non homeschoolers and build a debate about out of the home education. (public or private schools) But rather, we want to share our homeschool convictions with love and respect in how God led each of us personally in our decision. If that is conveyed by how the Holy Spirit convicted you personally about a previous education plan that that is fine, as long as it pertains to you personally.

If you already have a post like this on your blog you may submit that article, but in a new link on your blog.

We will receive submissions for this carnival until April 2nd, and the carnival will begin on April 5th. Please send your submissions to

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You may use these tags to place on your blog to announce this terrific opportunity to 'Share Your Faith' in this "Homeschool Edition" of Titus 2:3.

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