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Monday, February 18, 2008

Writer's Block

A couple times a week my daughter, Moni(AKA Mj) wakes up early on her own(like 5:30am). Although this is usually MY time alone she has seen me wake up early for devotions and has decided she wants to wake up early too. When she does, she gets out her Bible and notes and begins to write.

She uses a composition book to keep notes about things God places on her heart. Then when the time is right she begins to write and the words flow from her heart. This has turned out to be an excellent opportunity for her to grow in her relationship with the Lord, and practice her English and grammar.

She currently writes for Growing in Grace Magazine and has been sending in submissions to another site for their teen blog. Today she is finalizing her third devotion to them and we pray the Lord will allow her to be included in their line up of devotions. When we know more about their schedule we will post the details, but for now we are waiting to see what occurs.

English and grammar tends to be such a 'chore' for Moni, however this is something she truly enjoys! We recently came across an online writing assignment project at Suzy's Homeschool Blog. I was very excited to see her project and how young people can participate in her assignments and then on top of that I actually 'met' her (kindasorta) at The Homeschool Lounge. (Special thanks to Tiany for building this new innovative way to network with other homeschool moms and dads.)

There are times when Moni has writer's block and has a tough time deciding on how to begin her articles. The first thing I think of is to pray. When writing about God's Word and how He is working in our lives, we must pray and ask the Holy Spirit to guide us, after all He WILL guide when we're writing about our Father. ;O)

Do you have young children, tweens, or teens who love to write for the Lord? Come by and check out Growing in Grace Magazine for girls. Have your youngins come see Suzy at her writing workshops too. You'll be glad you did! And one last thing, if you're a home educator you'll want to join The Homeschool Lounge! It's free and a fun way to network with all your favorite homeschool bloggers!

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Anonymous,  February 19, 2008 at 2:08 PM  

I think it's so awesome how God is using your dd. I'm sure He has many great things in store for her.

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