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Sunday, March 2, 2008

California Judge Against Homeschooling

Today I read an article of great importance of any homeschooler in the state of California. A California State Judge ruled against a homeschooling family, under the umbrella of a Private School to order several of their children to be enrolled in a public school. If you're child is currently enrolled in the public school, please take a serious look at what's happening in the government schools today.

Many parents whose children attend the public schools in the state of California are a part of the mass exodus. I have contacted The Christian Law Association in regards to this story and we should ALL contact them and let them know how important your religious rights to homeschool are. Their drop down menu has a selection for homeschool, so it must be a topic they hear about. We MUST raise our voices in regards to this area of our religious freedom!!!

Adolf Hitler himself made his government school mandatory because he wanted to control the minds of children in his country. We MUST NOT follow his example! We never know the direction our country will take with leadership and we MUST NOT allow the government to assume control over OUR children!

PLEASE ladies, contact HSLDA and the Christian Law Association and let your voices be heard!

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Anonymous,  March 4, 2008 at 7:35 AM  

Get out! :-(

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