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Thursday, March 13, 2008

Foot Baths and Homesteading

My husband has been going to the gym faithfully for a couple of months now and the children and I always seem to have things come up that need to be done thus we end up missing going to the gym. So I decided last night that we would just go in the morning to be sure we don't miss anymore. I won't be going as early as DeeDee does, for what she calls 'dark-thirty' is NOT my ideal thought on working out with my children in tow. SO we'll settle for 10 am. ;O)

Now after I read what Jess had to contribute today at Growing in Grace, I think I'll want to sit in the sauna instead of working out. (Only we all know my husband will ask how many calories I burned today, so THAT won't be an option for me)

When we get home we need to work on Jess' dress. My husband is taking her and Moni on a special date tomorrow night and Jess wants to make a wrap to go over her dress. Miss Jocelyn wrote an article about sewing and my girls are excited now to be able to work on this project with me today. Sewing seems to be one of those endangered crafts among young girls today and I want to be sure I teach my girls as much as I possibly can about it. Now, I'm not as talented as Brielle is, but I can manage well enough. She certainly has inspired my girls to WANT to learn which is a good thing.

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Miss Jocelyn March 13, 2008 at 11:07 AM  

Oh I gotta read Jess' article. Looks great! I am glad they are starting to love sewing. It's a wonderful, feminine activity that is productive!!

Haha... I wanna work out... now to get myself in front of a tae-bo tape, that is the tricky part. :P


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