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Friday, March 7, 2008

Have Fun With Sentence Structure

DK Silly Rhymes:,,9780751313703,00.html

This DK game is a language building game that promotes reading and sentence structure using rhyming word puzzle pieces. Each piece is colored coded with a specific color border on each piece.
Children will learn sentence structure as you guide them with using the red puzzle pieces which are nouns, the blue pieces are adjectives, the pink pieces are prepositions, the yellow pieces are articles, the punctuation marks are purple, and the green pieces are verbs.
In this game the level of education is described by me as easy. My daughter used to refuse to attempt writing sentences due to her frustration in writing, until we found this game. Now she can continue to learn her sentence structure until she is more confident in her handwriting. She begins with a simple sentence such as;

The pet talked about the bug.

She then adds adjectives;

The funny pet talked about a small bug.

She then can play a game in which she finds the puzzle pieces that rhyme. Such as rug, jug, mug, and bug.

This game has been the easiest and most fun way for her to learn her sentence structure and English grammar.

For those on a limited budget, you can simply create a similar game with your own materials.

Materials needed:

White Cardstock

Construction paper of various colors.

Glue stick

Black ink pen and red ink pen.

Old magazines or pictures printed from your computer. (or you can draw them.)

Find pictures of simple nouns such as cat, bat, mat, rat. Find nouns that rhyme and cut them out. You'll need to determine what size you want to make the pieces and make them all the same size.

Glue the pictures on the white cardstock and write the word of that picture, but write the rhyming letters in red ink such as at, et, ot, en, etc.

Once you have these pictures glued to the white cardstock then you can cut the pieces.

You'll want each category to be a different shape but all of the same category the same shape. So for instance all prepositions must be the same shape, yet all the articles must begin with a shape that matches the prepositions.

After you have the pieces cut then you can glue them to their coordinating construction paper color and cut in the same shape, only leave the construction paper cut larger to create a colored border.

You can create more advanced sentences by creating more grammar pieces. You can get ideas for those at Scholastic's Parent's Page:
You can purchase DK's educational books and games at Barnes and Noble Bookstores and as a home educator you can use your teacher discount of 20% off all your educational purchases. Please see the local manager of your B and N bookstore for details about applying for your teacher discount. At my local branch I just needed to provide a letterhead, designed on my computer, and a copy of my state filed affidavit.
**This article was written without obligation to DK or Barnes and Noble. Just an honest review from a mom and daughter who enjoyed the purchase they invested in for educational purchases.

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Nikki March 7, 2008 at 5:48 PM  

This is just what I've been looking for! I am having a hard time teaching Hannah rhyming. I need to check into this. Thanks!

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