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Tuesday, March 18, 2008

It's a Lifestyle of Learning

The other day a friend of mine asked if we were going to be having Easter Break this week in our homeschool. I like that she asked me about this in front of my daughter, Jess.
When I looked at this woman and said, "No, we don't take breaks from learning, it's a lifestyle of learning." She looked perplexed.

I went on to explain that my children don't sit in a desk 7 hours a day and that since they get their work done so quickly there's no need for breaks. My children love to learn and will even pick up a book or do research on the net, even on Saturdays and Sundays, not because I assign it, but because they LIKE to learn.

My daughter nodded her head at everything I said and I have a feeling we left this woman intrigued about homeschooling. We love her dearly and have been close to her family for about 13 years, but when we brought our children home, it caused a big stir among our church. One other friend of mine said that she has noticed a BIG change in my family, especially Moni, and said that we seem SO relaxed and HAPPY now. Then just last night, another woman mentioned to me that she has seen an incredible change in Jess.

We were in a group discussing parenting and I said that when I brought my children home I HAD to take a 'step up' as a mom. Having them home gives me more 'practice' in being a mom and it has made me a better mother. I wonder how many women who don't have their kids at home say that they;

"can't stand to be around their kids",
"Their kids drive them up a wall", and
"Are glad to send them to school each day to give HER a break"

I can't tell you how many times I have heard these comments from people AND I used to say the VERY SAME THINGS before bringing them home. You won't catch me saying that now. I love having them home with me! I decided to not attend a women's conference a week ago just so I could spend the time with my children. Instead of going on the retreat I took my kids on a field trip to a gold mining community and we had a great time! It is said, about the women's retreat, that it gives moms a 'break', to 'get away', and to 'be refreshed'. I can understand those statements, as my husband takes me on a date EVERY week, but I don't like to be gone very long.

We love to live our 'Lifestyle' of learning together as a family. Every moment is a teaching opportunity! It's a Lifestyle of Learning.

3 kind words:

Anonymous,  March 18, 2008 at 10:33 AM  

It's a Lifestyle of Learning...


Anonymous,  March 18, 2008 at 11:26 PM  

....Wow...all I can say is..I am blessed by your love for your family. I started to read the first few lines of this off of my sisters blog jacquedixon@soulrest and I couldn't stop reading. I am looking forward to the day God gives me my first child so I can start my jouney at home with them. Keep me in your prayers I am currently a stay at home wife learning to be all God wants me to be to my husband and soon to be and grace to you, Jenna

Eva March 19, 2008 at 7:35 AM  

Hi Sis Lisa I agreed with you. I used to be one of the women which like to mentioned those statements but now I think the time that I spend with my 2 kids is really not enough. Whenever I go out with friends, I will miss them so much!

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