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Monday, March 24, 2008

Our Monday

We began today with some spring cleaning. We started out with laundry, then moved into the kitchen. We needed to clean out under the kitchen sink and while we were under the dark space we found that there must have been a leak in our pipes, for there in a box I had kept some tall thin vases was moldy water. YUCK! Upon further inspection we found that the pipes were dry as a bone.

We called for a friend to come take a look and he found the sink was not suitably installed nor was it sealed. (We moved into this home and it was rather run down to begin with) His recommendation, to my enjoyment, was to rebuild that half of the kitchen. Which would include a whole new counter top, brand new sink and faucet, as well as new cabinets and drawers. (big huge smile here) You may think that this would set us back financially however we rent. (big cheesy grin) And since we rent from the ministry we work for, they will provide for this. YEAH!

After we finished cleaning under the sink, we entered the children's bedrooms. I went through Gina's and Timmy's dressers and closets and pulled out clothes they no longer wear to donate to the local women and children's home. We then had the girls vacuum their rooms and steam clean their carpets. Our home is lookin' good!

I took a break to check on some homeschool sites for articles and found a great link at the Design Your Homeschool website. Maybe you already know about this, but I sure didn't. That Merriam-Webster Dictionary has a site that is phenomenal for kids! A few things I'd like to highlight for you is their Spelling Bee online game. You'll be able to read and hear the phonetic portion of a word and it's up to you to spell the word. Also, their Rootonym game was a lot of fun, be sure to have a dictionary handy to help you out.

I hope you and your children will enjoy the site as much as we did. (You may be prompted to download the latest flash player from Java, which I did and the time it takes is so worth it! About 5 minutes total)

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