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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Self Motivated

Another busy month, now coming to a close and a new month to begin. Spring is officially here and Moni spent all afternoon taking pictures of our neighborhood's flowers. She'll be sharing them on her blog very soon. As I was working on some graphics today, Moni was working on photography, which of course you know is Art class. :O) She'll be uploading her work to her BetterPhoto album and entering her work in their monthly contest during April. Moni and I also created a private Homeschool Photography group right at so if you're interested in learning some photography tips with us let me know! GGM has allowed our writers to enter the photo contest, however they are not eligible to win the grand prize of the BetterPholio. And speaking of the contest, GGM will be sharing a few of the Editor's Choice Awards in April's issue this week! So keep your eyes open for those!

I'm so excited for Jess, who has been working all week on putting GGM's April issue into PDF format with a program that is very new to her. She has spent HOURS on it and has learned so much just by practicing. May's issue will be even better than this one, we always learn as we go don't we?

I had an opportunity to talk to my friend last night again about homeschooling. I have shared her story with a few of my bloggy friends and asked for prayer for her family. I explained to her that Jess has been working on this and she asked me, "Does this count as computers and Grammar for her?" and of course I excitedly replied, "OH yes!" She was so excited to hear that.

What a wonderful way for a child to learn how to do something, just get yourself involved in doing it! They are both such self-motivated learners!

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