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Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yes, I Do Have an Opinion!

With the recent hoopla over the court ruling last week regarding homeschooling, I have read numerous articles by some intelligent homeschool bloggers, as well as news media coverage. It amazes me how ignorant some media can be about the laws in our state.

Our town's local paper reported that independent homeschoolers, who have filed as a private school under their own roof, which IS legal by the way, could be questioned. Furthermore, other articles I have read indicate that these uncredentialed parents could no longer be able to teach their OWN children. So I have a question to ask about that. If that becomes a law, then what about all the uncredentialed Christian schools, whose uncredentialed teachers, teach a whole class of students who aren't even their own?

Another thought that crossed my mind is that it has been reported that there are between 166,000 and 200,000 homeschooled children in the state of California alone. So just where do the public schools think they would put all these children? The schools already complain about not having enough teachers, classrooms, or resources available to accommodate the children they have now, let alone this many new additions. They also report as having various problems with getting kids to pass their state testing and they want us to allow them to educate our children? I thinknot!

Not only that, but they would need to hire new office personnel and school counselors as well. Another thought that has been on the minds of the media is that these children would be considered truant. So how many truant officers will they have to hire to get these kids into their public school system? Will every courthouse in California be inundated with hundreds of thousands of homeschool parents being brought before the judges? It seems they have enough to worry about with cases of child abuse, child endangerment, and drug trafficking.

I try to think about this as logically as I can. We have 'public schools' and we also have 'public libraries', will they next make it a law that we HAVE to use THEIR libraries too? What about their parks? Parks are public access, yet will they also spend countless dollars trying to take us to court if we decide we'd rather play in our own backyards?

The next thing that comes to my mind is that the public schools already dislike the Christian groups trying to enforce their freedom of religion in the public schools, just imagine what they'd have on their hands if the homeschooled families were forced to attend their schools. I know not all homeschooled children are from religious families, but there's enough that would definitely take a stand about the immorality being allowed in the schools. Which by the way, is one of the reasons many families choose to homeschool.

I'm quite sure there will be someone who thinks I'm being picky, but again I try to think logically. Our Governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger issued a statement a few days back and a new resolution to this matter is in the works!

It just doesn't make sense for the state to try and force homeschooled children into the public school system. Not by any stretch of the imagination.

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