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Friday, April 4, 2008

How Did You Know?

Do you recall the moment when you KNEW your husband was the right one for you? How did you know? Will you share a bit about the moment you knew, with me?

Here's how *I* knew:

I remember the first time I saw Scott. I was in the break room at work. We worked at a Plastics Factory in Sparks, Nevada. I was sitting at the table reading the newspaper before I was to clock in. Scott was coming in the get a soda with his co-workers. They were having a fun conversation and I heard him laughing. I glanced up to see him smiling and he glanced over at me. Of course, at the age of 18 I quickly looked away and could feel my face turn red. No girl wants a guy to know she was 'looking'. Although I certainly wasn't looking on purpose I just had looked up to see who was laughing. (blush)

We had spoke a few times at work before meeting for dinner one night. A few times we had gotten together just t spend time together, as friends. One night we were star gazing and the night was so pretty. I asked him if he thought heaven would be as beautiful as the stars were that night. (Now at that time I wasn't saved) He began to speak to me about the Lord and I was intrigued by this. He told me about how he had studied with Moody Bible College and I heard a voice say, "That's the man you are going to marry." And as Sarah did in the Bible, I laughed within myself and said in my mind, "Yeah right."

16 years later, here we are. Funny thing about that video, it's so true for us. And we still sing those corny fairy tale songs to each other. :O)

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Joy April 7, 2008 at 8:24 AM  

That is so neat! :-) Thanks for posting about it! :-)

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