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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Science From The Bible

So very interesting how you can be hunched over a flower bed for a few hours and hear from the Holy Spirit as you're talking to your children about the science of gardening! Our tiny yard has a small four foot chain link fence between the yard and the visitor parking lot. On the parking lot side of the fence we have a small flower bed that belongs to us, well at least I act like it does. We use this portion of earth for our flowers each spring and summer and after the weeds took over all winter, it was time to clean the flower bed out!

The weeds were so deep rooted that it took Jess on one side and me on the other, just to get them out. We had to use specific tools for different roots. For the dandelion roots we had to use a long slender tool designed to cut to the deepest part of the root. You want to be sure to get the entire root out, or it will grow back and it's roots will become stronger. You can also use a long screwdriver. You need to dig down as far as you can see the stem and roots of the dandelion. Stay close to the stem and roots, but do not cut the stem or roots. You'll want to dig as deep as you can get, then grab the entire plant in your hand and gently twist and pull. If the plant is yielding to you, then slowly pull the plant out. If it seems as thought the plant is stuck, you'll want to dig deeper.

As we continued our study of dandelions we found that they implant themselves best when the grass is too short or barren spots have been left exposed, such as when you remove a stepping stone, or rock. Keep this in mind when you have a small pool on your lawn. The bare place on your lawn after removing the pool will be a large invitation to dandelion seeds.

Jess and I discussed how the roots that are deep rooted remind us of sin that has been left to cultivate itself in the hearts of Christians. The longer the weed stays in the lawn, the stronger it becomes and the more difficult it is to remove it. Some people try to simply cut the top of the dandelion off, but the root is still there, and it grows back.

You'll also want to avoid allowing children to blow on a white dandelion, as those seeds are what causes more to grow. It seems cute and innocent, maybe even a bit fun, however you will be sorry when the weeds pop up and you'll be hunched over that garden again and again.

We want to be sure we get all of the dandelion root out so that the flowers can grow without being choked by the weeds. We then decided to study this a bit further and found that there are natural ways to prevent dandelion implantation and growth. When you mow your lawn, be sure to leave the clippings over the yard. This will prevent sunlight from getting to the dandelion. The dandelion needs sunlight to grow and if you can keep the light out, it will help stunt their growth, and since it's lawn clippings, the clippings won't stop the lawn from growing back. Also, be sure to seed your lawn with lawn seed.

We have found that making sure Christians get a good amount of 'seeds' and 'water', that they can flourish and bring forth beautiful blossoms that will yield a pleasant fragrance for the Lord. Just as we desire to grow beautiful flowers in our gardens, we also want to be beautiful for the Lord.

Proverbs 2:22, "But the wicked shall be cut off from the earth, and the transgressors shall be rooted out of it."

Jess wrote about what the Lord laid upon her heart as she found snails and slugs. Be sure to swing over and see what she has to say!

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