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Monday, May 19, 2008

Quick and Easy Light Mopping

While we were at Aunt Susan's house these past two weeks we wanted to be sure and keep her house clean and tidy. She has white tile floor in the kitchen and dining room then hardwood throughout the rest of her house.(downstairs)

We found several different Swiffer products in the kitchen closet, but she was out of the sheets needed. I remembered how my mom said that she has used baby wipes instead of the replacement sheets and how it was more cost effective for her budget. A while later it hit me that Aunt Susan has disinfectant wipes under the kitchen sink. So I got them out to see if the size would work and it did! They're the ones in a large tub, from Costco. The size was perfect for light mopping.

However, after our BBQ night and several drops of BBQ sauce on the white tile, I knew that the wipes wouldn't get the dried sauce off the floor. So I got a washcloth and made sure to get it wet, then squeezed out the excess water. I attached the wash cloth to the Swiffer and viola! It worked! The floor was squeaky clean! So now we know that we don't have to buy the expensive replacement cloths after all. Just use a washcloth.

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