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Sunday, May 25, 2008

Sign Language Lessons & A Sign Name

I found a site with some sign language lessons and practice that I want to share with you. One thing about SL is that you need to learn how to read it as well as sign it. This site is fun and you can adjust the signs to come slower or faster depending on your level of interpreting. Another thing that I found here that is of great help is the slide show that you watch. You can also download the sign language font and create your own flash cards.

Often times a deaf person will assign you a sign language name. Most often it is your first initial by the chin if you're a female and by the temple if you're a male. But there are times when they may give you a more unique sign name. This is not a mandatory custom. The Deaf will not automatically give you a specialized sign name, nor will they give you one if you ask them to. This is something very special that only the deaf can give to you. Of all my family, Jessica is the only one with a sign name unique to her. A deaf gentleman who became like a grandfather to us gave her a sign name. He has gone on to be with our Lord now, but any time a deaf person asks her name she first fingerspells her name then explains that her 'adopted' grandfather gave her this sign name, she then shows them what it is.

It is also an etiquette faux pas to assign yourself a unique sign name. If a deaf person is to give you your name it would be at their discretion. If you are given a sign name be sure to express your sincerest thanks to them. You have been given a genuine gift.

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