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Friday, June 6, 2008

Fired for Being Homeschooled

Now why doesn't this surprise me? A police officer and a few day care workers were fired because their employers looked back and saw that they were homeschooled. So was he fired for being homeschooled? So was fired for not being public schooled? Wait a second now, did he break the law? Surely not!

Keep in mind these are positions state offices. So this must be a new precedence. If you didn't attend and graduate from a state school you can't get a job in a state business. Surely this is what they're saying. So does this mean all state employees who were homeschooled are going to get the ax? Maybe you think being a daycare workers isn't a state job, but obviously they think it is. After all you must be approved by the state to care for someone else's child. Daycare providers must be licensed by the state. So does this mean all day care providers who were homeschooled will have to close the doors on the children they care for and shut down their daycare homes?

So what about all our troops? Does this mean homeschoolers will no longer be able to join the military? Hey I know! Let's find out which homeschooled troops are in Iraq and let them all come home now! (Can you sense the sarcasm?)What would happen if a homeschooler became Mayor, Assemblyman(woman), or even the President for that matter? Will the government also fire these people, simply because their parents wanted to raise them in a safe and loving environment? Do you see where this is going? The government is now firing people for being homeschooled, and it's not even their fault they were homeschooled. So they're trying to find a way to force the hand of parents to send their kids to a government school. (In my opinion of course. I wonder if anyone else sees it this way?)

Wikipedia says that 'homeschooling in the modern sense is an alternative.' Now don't we know a certain group of people who have chosen an alternative lifestyle? And now the government wants to formally accept that by issuing marriage licenses, yet they won't formally accept homeschooling and issue us a license. They won't allow a police officer to have his license (badge) or a day care worker to have their license.

Now I wonder if homeschooled authors will no longer be read in the government schools? Authors like C.S. Lewis that has been praised in government schools as a literary work of art, may someday be removed from their libraries? What about homeschooled politicians, scientists, and inventors such as Ben Franklin? Will they now remove his image from our nation's currency because he was homeschooled?

Someone sure has a chip on their shoulder to fire someone just because they were homeschooled.
Is this the direction that the government is going? Will they also fire people because they belong to a certain faith? What about firing the police who use unnecessary force? Why is it that they'll just suspend those officers and fire this one who was homeschooled?

Dear readers, we must be more active in who gets into office. Not just at the White House, but in your local government. I challenge you to Ask yourselves these questions:

Who is on the city counsel?
Who is your mayor?
Who are your state assemblymen(women)?

What do these people really believe?

We complain about what happens at the federal level, but let's not forget they got started at the local level. We need to pay more attention to what's going on in our own towns as well.

People of various race and lifestyle choices are making their voices heard. Where is yours? Please tell me you don't stop at making your voice heard with just Subway. Speak up ladies!

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2 kind words:

Anonymous,  June 6, 2008 at 8:31 PM  

Great post today! Love it... amazing, isn't it?


Sisterlisa June 6, 2008 at 9:23 PM  

It sure is Val. Thanks for coming by!

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