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Thursday, June 19, 2008

Safer Surfing in 5 Easy Steps

How many of you allow your kids to get on the computer? (I'm raising my hand) All three of our computers are at the same location in our home, yet in the busyness of my day yesterday I walked away while the little noes were on their games. I came back in and found that one of them had stumbled upon an inappropriate site. I was devastated!

Even a young child like you see to the left can toddle over, grab a mouse, and begin to click away.

My little girl's eyes had seen something she never should have seen. I didn't surf through the site, but the front page was bad enough. We had to have a talk. She's only 8! We prayed together and sought out scripture to pray over and memorize. Let's NOT let our guard down as parents, take it from me, I know it's MY responsibility to protect my little ones. I failed her!

Here are some quick tips to remember for Safer Surfing:

1. Keep your computer password protected. If you think there's a chance that your children saw you type in the password, CHANGE IT!

2. Use your Parental controls! Computers have the options of blocking sites and pop ups. Use those settings!

3. NEVER NEVER leave their side while they're on the internet. If you have to walk away, they HAVE to sign off, period!

4. Do not allow children to access an email account. If your teen has email, check their inbox BEFORE they're allowed to see it. Delete all their spam for them.

5. Establish a NO SEARCH ENGINE rule. Children are not allowed to do any searches on the internet at our home. If they're looking for something, help them. If they're doing research, find a collection of links yourself then they can have those links.

I'll share more in the future, but these are a good start for a better foundation for your Safer Surfing. We also now have a Family Friendly Web Directory that we are building for you at AGMinistries. Be sure to get your site reviewed so you can get on the free listing. It helps support other family friendly sites and makes it safer for all of us when we're looking for something in particular.

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Anonymous,  June 19, 2008 at 10:18 AM  

Great reminders... THANKS!

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