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Monday, July 28, 2008

Monday Meme: A Muse Me Monday

I was thinking that I would search for a Monday Meme to get a blog post up here before the day ended and look what I found! This wonderful site has GGM linked in their side bar! Very cool! So here is their question for the day,

Fact: Tell me a little about how God is working in your life.
I see Him working a many different ways, but here is one specific area He worked in this morning! Before I went to The Sarah Home for Women to have my daily time encouraging them and teaching them I prayed for God to lead me in a specific area that the group was struggling with. I'm not one to really engage in conflict, yet as the director I often find myself dealing with conflict whether I want to be in the midst of it or not. I prayed that God would give me wisdom on how to handle this one situation.

When I arrived at The Sarah Home, the ladies had not come back from vocational training yet and I noticed that the delivery crew had already made their rounds to bring them some food boxes. Inside I found an array of vegetables and fruits that needed refrigeration immediately. I got the boxes brought into the kitchen and began cleaning out the strawberries to divide what was mushy and what was able to be kept and cleaned for consumption.

The stores are kind in donating food, but it's many times things they cannot sell. As I was tossing the not so nice looking strawberries I saw that one box looked PERFECT and planned on just rinsing them and placing them in the refrigerator. As I lifted the strawberry from the center I discovered a very moldy strawberry. I almost over looked this as just another kitchen chore when the Holy Spirit caused me to take a double look at that basket and the Lord said to my heart, "I want you to give this basket to the ladies." Seeing that the Holy Spirit wanted me to use that moldy strawberry as a visual aid for them in that particular situation was perfect! God is so good!

Our Bible Study was on the Fruit of the Spirit and afterwards I prayed. I then asked them to stay seated because I had something special for them. As I opened the box of strawberries we heard OOOOO and Awwwwwww from the group as they reached for a red strawberry, until they saw what was hiding underneath. God gave me the words to speak as I explained that one infected berry affects the entire basket. A few minutes later each one requested a private moment with me as they each confessed something that had been struggling with.

I saw God work through me today and I am honored to have been used by Him to bring about a cleansing at The Sarah Home today.

Fiction: Tell a short story about someone who had something bad happen to him/her and how God helped them through it.
You'll laugh at this one! My Moni loves chocolate! (what girls doesn't?) This one day in particular Moni was very sick. She had a VERY BAD case of the not so nice bowel movements and she was miserable! A while later she approached me with sorrow and a repentant heart. She said these words to me,

"Mom I think God is punishing me. He is allowing me to suffer consequences."

I look at her and asked, "Why do you think that Moni?"

She replied, "Well does sugar free candy cause diarrhea?"

"Well, yes Moni it does why?"

Moni confessed, "I ate your sugar free peppermint patties."

"Well how many did you eat?"

Again she confessed, sheepishly, "The whole bag."

Although she did wrong, God saw it and allowed her to suffer her own consequences. I thought that was punishment enough. She made right with me and with the Lord that day and has never touched my chocolate since then.

The HomeSpun Life

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3 kind words:

LadyBug July 30, 2008 at 5:39 AM  

Thanks for playing A'muse' me monday :)

God Bless

Wendy July 30, 2008 at 7:32 AM  

LOL that is so cute! Poor Moni, was she better by the next day? How wise for her to see those consequences. What a great Sarah Hme story too. We have been studying the fruit of the spirit on sunday nights now. When Pastor is done there is going to be a CD set available for it. Good stuff ;o)

Sisterlisa July 30, 2008 at 7:46 AM  

Hi lady Bug, thanks for coming by!

Wendy, Yes Moni was feeling very cleaned out the next day. ROFL!

We're going through the Fruits of the Spirit as well. I'll be posting a review on the curriculum once we've completed the book we're in.

You can find it at Striving Together Publications.

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