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Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Get 'Er Done!

A friend of mine said this yesterday as she witnessed me hack away at some wild tree branches that were shooting out from the side of the tree at The Sarah Home. "Get 'Er done Lisa!" My daughter, Jess, helped me and we got it done! Now Sprittibee is asking what else we have on our list of things to do for the school year.

Well, I already have my school year agenda done, which explains what we're doing this year. However, I am still waiting for the Math U See books. UPS came to our home the other day and the children swarmed to the door screeching with excitement, "Is it our math books mom?" Well it wasn't their Math U See books yet, but it was a shipment from my HSBA swap buddy.(More on that coming soon.) Also Since Moni is running a jewelry business this year for her math project, we still need to order some supplies for that 'class'.

I already have our 'school calendar' and 'attendance sheet' done, as well as our list of 'offered classes'. I am reading The Heart of Wisdom and am very inspired by it! I even shared my last thoughts about the last section I read, with my husband and one of his co-workers and BOTH of them agreed with Robin.

Our state doesn't require any testing, PRAISE THE LORD, I am not fond of comparing test scores with other parents. :P BUT, I did give Moni the placement tests from Saxon at the third quarter of last year and not only did she pass the one for her grade level, but also for the next two years books after that. So we allowed her to stop doing the math text, to which she was thankful for. ;O) She is excited about the new Math U See books and I have heard so much good about them. I even got a Starter Kit of Manipulatives off Ebay for $10 less than what it would have been if I had ordered them new from their company.

So all our books are ready to go, pending the arrival of the Math books and we are ready to start! Of course many of you know that my girls work on Growing in Grace Magazine for part of their school and have done so all summer. If you would like to allow your daughter to have the opportunity to send in a submission for publication, you certainly may do so and we'll prayerfully consider those!

Other than all this, I do have a list of things to finalize, but not just for the school year.
1. Select a winner for the Digi-Scrap Designer contest for GGM.
2. Create the new layout.
3. Finalize articles for GGM.
4. Send Camille's SWAP gift that I got her yesterday.
5. Redesign my HomeSpun Life blog. :O)
6. Prepare today's parenting lesson for The Sarah Home.
7. Mount Washmore
8. Plan two months of field trips. (Apple Hill, here we come!)
9. Contact Local Heartstrings for Homeschoolers group
10. Pay off late fees to library. (blush)
11. Write book reviews for
12. Look for a new house! (Pray for us please!)

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2 kind words:

SuperAngel August 20, 2008 at 12:50 PM  

You sure are getting everything done! YAY! I am so happy for you! :)
Glad you dont have to test. We dont either.
you have a great to do list! I hope everything gets done.
I had to chuckle at your Mount Washmore! I got me one of those... or more than one! :D
I also need to start :blush: on my GGM articles! gasp!

Gina's blog I think, is the one I was thinking of in my post! :)

Too bad you didnt have your camera when you saw those clouds! They sound really neat! :)

I hope you have a great day and will talk to you soon!
Miss Amanda

dianne - bunny trails August 23, 2008 at 8:50 AM  

Is that THE Apple Hill?!? Sigh. I'm just somewhat envious. We went with my parents when we lived in Roseville. Love, love, love Apple Hill. Hope you have a wonderful time - I'm sure you will. Think of me while having some delicious, fresh apple cider. :D

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