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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Save The Children

As I was watching a movie the other night and the scene to begin with was a public school, I began to notice something. Last week I also had to take our new 'family member' to his public JUNIOR HIGH school and noticed the same thing; very little rules. The children are wearing whatever they want, and won't obey the rules. My daughter was shocked to see what these 12 year olds were wearing to school. Or shall I say what they were NOT wearing!

The government obviously thinks that the parents are teaching their kids manners and respect and that the Bible is not needed in the school, yet it's obvious that they're not because of the lawlessness in the lives of these young people. So is the public school teaching the kids how to obey the rules? Is hours of detention after school or writing 100 sentences a sufficient form of discipline for these teenagers?

Since they won't allow the ten commandments in the school, then what are they using as they're absolute? Have you seen the list of school rules recently? Are they teaching the kids how to obey the law? If the government wants young people to grow up knowing how to live right, then shouldn't they be helping to teach an absolute that would be instilled in their lives so when they enter the adult world they will abide by the laws? Since they don't want the Bible in the classrooms, then are they teaching the government laws to the children? Such as, don't run a red light, don't steal from the mini-mart, and don't shoot your neighbor?

Something else I thought was interesting is that the California State prisons won't allow a rated R movie in their facility, yet they WILL give them free access to a Bible? Do they think these prisoners have never heard the F word or seen violence? Are these wardens finally realizing that inappropriate television is not conducive to a person living according to the law?

Does anyone else think this is kind of ironic? The same government that won't allow the Bible to be taught or even spoken of in a public classroom is the same government that will allow it in the prisons and jails. It seems to me that if they offer it in the classroom and teach the ten commandments then maybe these kids wouldn't end up in prison to begin with.

How does the government think the law is going to be taught to young people today? There must be an absolute to live by! It must be taught and upheld in today's society. Do people not understand that rules and laws do have a beginning origin? Do they think that some average shmoe came up with rules and laws just for the fun of it?

There's a reason for laws and rules and the origin of such rules and laws came from God himself and He has preserved those rules and laws in His very own Word.
Interesting that government schools teach diversity and tolerance of all belief systems, yet for a person to speak the very name of Jesus Christ as Lord would bring down the hammer in any government school, yet you can hear students proclaim Budda and Mohammed and not get any flack for that. We are to be 'tolerant' of their beliefs, but not the belief in Jesus Christ as Lord?

People are fighting tooth and nail to get the words, 'In God We Trust' off of our money well here's what I have to say about that,
If you don't like it, go live in another country! If I wanted to live in a country, yet their currency or patriotic songs included a specific religion that I don't believe in then I wouldn't live there period! I wouldn't attempt to change that country and it's origin to suit my own needs. Our country of America was truly founded upon a great and sincere belief in God, if people don't want to accept that then fiddledeedee, but don't force us to change our country's heritage!
As for our government schools, here are my thoughts; if you don't like what the government schools are doing with your children's lives THEN BRING THEM HOME! Give up your extra car, double car garage, yacht, and iPhones and bring those children home! If you can be a successful business woman and earn thousands of dollars each week, month or more per year then you CAN homeschool your children!

Stop paying upwards of $50 a month on cable television, sell a car, ride a bike or the bus and BRING YOUR CHILDREN HOME! What is that extra luxury each month worth to you, know that your children are being taught and influenced that it's ok to allow a boy in a girl's bathroom if one day he decides to be a homosexual and he desires to use the LADIES room. What is your iPhone worth if you know your child is being bullied by dangerous teenagers who have no sense of respect for those around them? What is it worth for you to have a weekend boat when you know that your child has to walk through METAL DETECTOR JUST TO ENTER SCHOOL PROPERTY?

Have you seen the schools of today? Maybe you're in a small rural community where most people in your town are God fearing people who don't drive drunk and kill kids for wearing red to school. THANK GOD FOR YOUR CHILDREN! But most cities just aren't like that!

While watching this film last night and seeing the kids enter school grounds through metal detectors my husband said, "That's a public school? Was your school like that?" I answered, "Not back then, but I recently drove by it and it sure is like that now." My husband replied, "Looks like a prison to me." Well if it was a prison they'd get to have a Bible and not allowed to see an R rated film.

Parents, please bring your children home before it's too late. Get your kids and their names OUT of the government schools. Get them OUT OF THE SYSTEM!

To those parents who are not teaching their children how to live right, SHAME ON YOU! Your children will despise you one day for not teaching them how to be respectful. They will walk all over you, manipulate you, use you, disrespect you, steal from you, then ask YOU to bail them out of jail. TEACH your kids to LIVE RIGHT!

I work in a recovery ministry helping drug and alcohol addicts to get their broken lives back together and do you know what they testify about their parents?

1. They were not taught to live by principles.
2. Were not given just discipline for their actions.
3. Were allowed to have the friends THEY wanted.
4. Had little or no supervision
5. Got their first high from their parents drugs.
This list could go on and on, and I am warning you to DO SOMETHING about YOUR KIDS!

Do something about it now or they'll end up in the kind of program I now run.

The HomeSpun Life

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3 kind words:

Robyn August 21, 2008 at 8:01 AM  

Saw your post via Jaque- I am in 100 % agreement with you, and AMEN to everything you said. I was listening to Glann Beck yesterday and he was hitting on the same thing, now the public school, colleges cannot give you a zero- or bad grade they have to pass you for trying...and also was listening to Michael Savage ( which I never do) but he was touching on the hippie generation- that started in the 60's, rebellion- porn and the list goes on. It all began with parents who didnt care, and all else goes. I was thinking about myself, how I have always tried to live right, and took my kids to church and tried to teach them to do right. I have homeschooled now for 21 yrs, but I am convicted by all this because I feel I need to get back into the word with my children as if our life depended on it. We are living in crucial times, this election and our religious freedom. We all need to humble ourselves and pray and seek God for ourselves and our children. God help us!!!

Angela August 21, 2008 at 8:31 AM  

Amen...I agree completely. I came here from Jacque Dixon's blog and I'm really glad I did. Keep up the good work...

Angela :)

Grandma Starr August 21, 2008 at 10:37 AM  

Amen, Sisterlisa.....
Could not have been said better.
Praying that God's people will hear your heart's cry....and thankful that most of my grandchildren are homeschooled.
Grandma Starr

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