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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

5 Quick Tips to Adding Bible to Your Homeschool

Monday through Wednesday my husband teaches a Bible study at The Sarah Home, in which we take our children to hear. They get to have this opportunity to hear their daddy teach God's Word. The children look forward to it!

Our world needs men who will teach the Word of God, but not just to people in their churches or ministries, but to their own children. We are blessed to have the opportunity to allow our children to be with their daddy in the midst of the day for God's Word. However, not every family has the opportunity to go to work with their dad.

Moms, make opportunities for dad to have some Bible time with the children. You can take some of these ideas below:

1. Have New Testament Bibles at the place settings for meal time. Each person read a verse from Proverbs.
2. Have each child write down a verse from their daily reading on a 3x5 card. They can share them with dad at meal time or bedtime.
3. Have dad's Bible at the table. Ask him to read a portion of scripture to the family just before you pray for your meal.
4. Let the dishes wait. You can clear the table while dad gets seated at the couch with his Bible. Encourage the kids to gather around daddy and let the kitchen wait a few minutes. He can read some scripture to the kids and pray with them.

5. Bible time doesn't always have to be a 5 point preaching message that takes 45 minutes. You can use the Picture Bible also, which is full of colorful illustrations of your favorite Bible stories. Be sure to let the kids know that they are more than stories.

You can also share about how God has worked in an area of your life when you were younger. Your kids will be encouraged as you share how God got you through a tough time.

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Sherry September 3, 2008 at 10:44 AM  

I've been trying in incorporate more Bible into our homeschool. We read a proverb and do a devotion at breakfast and then at night we have a devotional time as well. Thanks for the other great ideas.

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