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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Creative Play for Physical Education

We usually head to the gym for serious Physical Education (P.E.), but not all days run smooth enough for that extra trip out of the home.

We try to be creative with our physical play time and incorporating in some exercise into your homeschool day is as important to their minds as their studies are.

Children need time to get out of the house and away from their desks dining room tables, so we head outdoors! Sometimes your P.E. time may come at an impromptu time during your day as you deem necessary. Here are some creative ways to get your bodies moving:

1. Kick the soccer ball around on the lawn. Not just you average kicks, but make it an interactive competition with your kids. "Who can keep the soccer ball away from mom the longest?" Kids love it when they feel that they have the advantage over their parent. And you'll be getting some exercise too. ;O)

2. Take turns throwing the football as far as you (they) can. Then see who can retrieve it and return to home base the fastest without getting caught by the other family members. We usually draw a line in the pavement outside with sidewalk chalk, or you can line out a jump rope as well.

3. Jump rope. If you have taller children you can teach them to double dutch. Double dutch is a fast paced form of jump rope and SO much fun. I recommend the cloth ropes as opposed to the beaded or speed ropes. (They hurt tender legs on ANYONE) :P I found that cloth ropes are easier to turn. Jumping rope is not only great for your legs, and heart rate, but also for those arms. (You don't have to do the stunts, but just try jumping without the rope stopping.)

4. Freeze Tag: This is where one person is 'It' and he/she needs to chase the other players. Once you're tagged you 'freeze' until one of the 'free' players 'unfreezes' you by tagging you before 'It' freezes them too. This game really is endless so you may want to set a timer for 690 seconds so each person gets a turn. Whoever is frozen when the timer goes off can be 'It' in the next round.

5. For larger families (Or groups) you can play "Borrow the Bacon" You may have grown up calling this "Steal' the bacon, but now that I'm a Christian I just can't bring myself to calling it that. ;O) You line up two teams about 50-100 feet from one another. You'll need one Umpire and determine how many points determines the winning team.

Each team member on opposing teams gets assigned a number. (So each team has two number ones, twos, thress etc.) Place an eraser or glove in the exact center between the opposing lines. (All players face the 'bacon'.)

When the Umpire calls out a number, only those assigned that number may run and grab that bacon. The one who grabs it first must return to their base line before being tagged by the opponent.

If a runner is tagged after picking up the bacon and before he/she returns their own side, the team that tagged him/her scores a point.

If the runner gets home before being tagged their team gets the point.

Sometimes the play usually involves the two players running out and hovering over the 'bacon', waiting for an opportunity to snatch it up and return to home base before the other player can tag them.*Challenge: Umpire, call out two numbers for four runners at once. ;O)

The goal of your P.E. time is to get outside, get fresh air, and get your heart rate up for at least 45 minutes. Drink plenty of water so you don't get dehydrated.

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2 kind words:

Sherry September 24, 2008 at 9:27 AM  

We also have a basketball goal that our neighbor gave us just recently, so we're shooting some hoops! :D

Rachel September 24, 2008 at 3:10 PM  

Hello Mrs. B -
I posted the laundry schedule that you asked me about. You can read it here -

Hope you will come by and read it, maybe comment! I would love to know about your schedule. :O)

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