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Friday, September 5, 2008

Homeschooling Various Ages

Wendy, from 'It's a Wild Boys Life' , commented in my Memoirs post about routines and said that our home sounded so 'peaceful'. I had to laugh. You see it was my post that sounded peaceful. It's practically impossible to have all four children ages 5, 9, 13 , and 16, all sitting down at the same table for very long.

We begin our day by sitting together doing copy work and memory verses. They can sit together through language/grammar/spelling as well. However when it comes time for Math we need to do that in segments. Jess usually does her math in her own room and comes to me for questions.

Moni does her math in my room, because it less distractions for her (which she is easily distracted) and she views the Math U See DVD in my room. Once I go over the lesson for her she can handle the problems on her own.

Gina needs me to work with her since I'm teaching her how to use the Math U See manipulatives along with her worksheets and Timmy sits alongside her. He loves multiplication! I think it's very beneficial to him that since he is young and such a sponge that he memorize these facts while he's eager to memorize. Most children do enjoy memorizing and since multiplication is a lot of memorizing, I think it works well to have them learn it while they're little, instead of waiting until 2-4th grade.

Since Jess and Moni do a lot of writing and are learning to research information for their articles, there are days when they do so late at night with me(when the little ones are in bed) or they wake up very early. (Before 6am)

Subjects such as Science, Geography, and History are handled through books we get at the Library in conjunction with internet research on those topics. Do you remember the door to door encyclopedia salesmen from the 80's? Well we could never afford those sets, not to mention that we had no room to store them. I would have to go to the library for research. Now our kids have the internet at their disposal. What a blessing! It reminds me of the time when the Beast opened the door to his royal library for Belle. Do you recall the excitement she felt as her eyes gazed upon the many floors shelves and shelves of books? Well that's me with the internet.

Any time we have a question we can just get on the computer and find the answer. No books, $30 a month, and no worry about where to store the encyclopedias. Just be safe when using the internet. There really are a lot of dangers in this WWW. You can read my 5 tips on how to have Safer Surfing.

So no my home is not ALWAYS peaceful, but we do find creative ways to make it work. How do you do it with all your children? Please write about how you do it and leave your link in the comment box below.

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Monica @ Paper Bridges September 6, 2008 at 1:35 PM  

Mine are 10, 8, 6 and 3 and I'm still figuring it out! I'm going to do block scheduling this year, so I'll concentrate one kid at a time, for a set time and let the others play.


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