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Saturday, September 27, 2008

Science and God, Yet Again

NO matter how many times the topic Science comes up we always find God. That's exactly what is supposed to happen. God is our creator, thus everything we learn about Science should be directing us back to the very person that created it all. I explained it to my children like this:

There are so many pretty blogs on the world wide web. My children have noticed that some blogs have a similar 'feel' to them. I told them it's because one designer makes those blogs. I know that designer and have seen her work and I now KNOW her work when I see it. I know the blogs that Amy creates, I know the blogs Dawn creates, as well as Miss Jocelyn. I have seen Splat Designs and know her work as well. Each designer has a special flair about their work and it is noticeable to me. These blogs have 'their name' written all over them, so to speak. Maybe you come across a blog and you're not quite sure, but it's lovely. The best way to know who created that blog is to look for their tag. Usually that's found in the bottom right or left hand side bar or linked into the footer of the blog. A good blog designer will leave her mark somewhere so that people will know who created the design.

When we study Science, we notice something similar about animals, plants, and even the atmosphere. You can sense that something is tying it all in together. Maybe you don't know who put it all together, but it's so beautiful and perfectly constructed that you KNOW there MUST be a designer, so you look for the designers 'mark'. Be sure you're studying Science with someone who knows about the Author of creation and with someone who has The Book that tells all about it. I can go to Dawn's blog and read about her work, see her portfolio and get to know her work more intimately. The more I know about Dawn and her creativity, the more easily recognizable her work becomes to me. I no longer have to look for her tag, I just know it's HER creation.

While I'm studying Science, or someone's blog design, there are times when a creation is similar and maybe not as distinguishable. Be careful not to announce your knowledge of the designer if you're not 100% sure.

I can tell which ones are the standard Blogger templates and I can tell which ones are Wordpress. We have talented blog template designers that have learned how to manipulate Blogger templates to look like Wordpress, but once you attempt to leave a comment you find that it's in fact Blogger. Now I'm not knocking Blogger, I use it myself, but there's something distinguishably different about Wordpress. Wordpress is very professional and flows quite nicely. (I would like to have a Wordpress blog someday, especially for Growing in Grace Magazine.) Anyways, what I was saying, be sure you have knowledge of the right designer. Know the designers work, be able to name it when you see it, and give proper credit where credit is due.

We love Science! We know the creator personally, recognize His work, and give Him the Glory for what He created.

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