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Sunday, November 9, 2008

Community Service

November and December are busy months for us. We are involved in several community service projects! We have been busy creating Christmas tree posterboards for toy barrels for the local Adopt-a-Child program with the city fire department. This week we'll be setting up the barrels at local coffee shops and coordinating with our friend Mrs. Fickert for the deliver day when Santa delivers the toys on a red firetruck! We'll be planning a gift wrapping party where we'll gather for pizza and Christmas music while we wrap toys and gifts for 100 children.

In the midst of this we are also coordinating the local Toys for Tots campaign. Toys for Tots serves needy children in several cities across America. You can find a local Toys for Tots Coordinator and volunteer to help them with counting and organizing toys. They also need volunteers to keep an eye on barrels in stores near you and collect them as needed and bring them to their distribution centers.

Last year Lady Jess was burdened for the teens who don't get gifts. Teen gifts are often not given and they are forgotten. :O( This week Lady Jess is contacting all the local schools to see if they will help collect new unwrapped toys for the needy teens in our community. She has created a spreadsheet of organizations that came to us last year and we'll be sending out letters to let them know what our new procedures are this year for getting toys.

Our community service projects are a large part of our homeschooling and although we get SUPER busy during this time of year it is SO rewarding to know we are helping to make the holidays a bit brighter for those less fortunate.

I'd like to add that due to this plummeting economy and more jobs lost this year, we expect that the giving will be down and the needy children will be more. Please consider giving a monetary donation to Toys for Tots or find out where you can donate toys in your community. UPS, Toys R Us, and many others are big supporters of Toys for Tots. They will have boxes in their stores as early as this week. Your online donations will be processed and Toys for Tots will add funds to your local coordinators account so the children in your very own area get helped.

If you believe that you will need to have help with Christmas this year go to their site and find your local coordinator. They will let you know how their campaign works and how you can get a little help with some toys for your little ones. See if you can get your families involved in helping another child have a nice Christmas.

This commercial just broke my heart last year and we got hooked in Toys for Tots!

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