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Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Comparison Studies

We are currently studying Ancient Religions and World History in comparison with the Bible. It's amazing how much of the past matches with the book of Revelation. We can see similarities in past wars, plagues, and desolation as we study each time era. It is leading us to think that perhaps most of the destruction spoken of in the book of Revelation has already occurred!

As we discover the ways of other world religions we will share it with our bloggy friends. Between Jessica and I we are putting together what we are finding. We are finding that so much of today's religions have been tainted by the pagans of yesteryear and infiltrated with Egyptian superstition.

Some of you may recall our journey through discovering the actual roots of Christmas and Halloween. That was just the beginning of what we found. We have studied the Masons and Independent Fundamental Baptist which brought us to tears since we were IN one of their churches(IFB). We found similarities within those two systems in how they dealt with issues within their groups and neither one was Biblical.

There are some people who think we have 'left God' because we don't go to a 'church'. Yet we DO fellowship and gather with other believers several times a week. We double checked scripture, thoroughly, to be sure we were in line with what Jesus teaches. Upon doing so we discovered that so much of today's modern churches are teaching the wrong concept of what the Church really is.

It has become a fascinating journey to say the least. There are other religions that we are seeing are not in line with scripture and will be sharing what we find as we complete each study. There are several that pervert the Gospel of Christ and we need to be careful not to succumb to false prophets.

In all of this it has brought us deeper in scripture and our family is in one accord. Our fellowship group is uniting and we are so happy to be blessed with seeing God's miracles in our midst! My mother was given a powerful gift from the God in that she was HEALED of a 40+ year smoking addiction! She has not had any withdrawal symptoms, she was completely healed! I personally received healing from a yeast infection, through prayer! We are also seeing relationships being healed as well. These blessings come from God and we are honored that He has allowed us to experience this.

Along with the research we are finding about the mixture of pagan ways with the Bible, we have opposition. Some say it is causing a division in the Body. Let me say this; if no one ever stands up for the truth, the Body will continue to allow paganism into their midst until we no longer have the truth anymore. This is what has been happening and we see so many people in so much confusion, because people somewhere along the way decided to be false peacemakers. Bringing peace does not mean forsaking the truth to keep people silent.

Jesus Christ did not leave towns quietly. He caused quite a stir. He preached the truth! I don't think this means we need to stir things up on purpose for our own agenda. I think it means teach the truth, present the facts about the systems, and let the Holy Spirit lead. If presenting facts about a religious system or government causes division, it is not about the people, but the system. As we have researched about world governments and even watched the news lately, there are times when just speaking about the systems wasn't enough to stop them. There are times when people need to speak up about the people leading those governments and religions.

Then wars begin. The same thing happens in the spiritual battles of today. We must teach the truth and present facts about religions so people can make educated decisions. I believe Man has distorted the simplicity of the Gospel of Christ and confused a lot of people, and THAT is what brings the division among the people. Get back to the Gospel of Christ and you will see unity. Don't let the division be about 'people', it's about the systems.

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3 kind words:

Martha June 24, 2009 at 11:53 AM  

Too many people are worried about offending other people and they want to "coexist" for the sake of peace. They forget that God tells us to fight for the truth, are we to allow blasphemy into our own homes? No way! Sure, we may risk losing precious friendships but you know what... the Lord is well worth it :)

Sarah Dawn June 27, 2009 at 8:40 PM  

Delighted to find your site. Thanks Martha for tagging you so I could find you as well :) I am going to keep reading and splashing around here ... you live out loud for Jesus and I love it.

Blessings from Costa Rica,
Sarah Dawn

Ali June 28, 2009 at 7:47 AM  

I was very happy to find your blog this morning! We are in total agreement with you.

I am gonna subscribe to your feed so I can come back again!

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