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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Getting Prepared for 2009-2010

Well, I have been surfing through the homeschool blogs that are listed on The Homeschool Toolbar and it looks as if many of our homeschool bloggy friends have taken a rather large break from blogging. Yet there were a faithful few who are still updating us on their summer activities.

Tomorrow marks the day that we get out all our curriculum and begin preparing the children's homeschool boxes for their first semester of studies.

Each child will get a box to place their books, workbooks, pencils, paper, etc. in. This makes it easier for me since we are now using the dining room table also for our bi-weekly fellowship nights. We have a small home and last year the dining room table was always full of their study materials and we won't be able to do that anymore.

I'm actually excited about this homeschool year and have felt the longing in my heart for over a week now to get prepared. I am somewhat of an addict to the school supply aisles, I could browse through them for HOURS. So tomorrow we begin the hunt through the storage bins and book cabinets for this semesters books.

One thing that I really suggest you MUST get is the Homeschool Planner from The Old Schoolhouse. I'll be writing a review of their planner later this week. It really is a must have for a homeschool mom who needs help staying organized.

One thing that we enjoy about homeschooling is the Mag/Blog we started for our girls, Growing in Grace Magazine. It's a free online publication written mostly by other homeschool girls, including my own. We are looking for other girls who would like to become contributors with us while enjoying their writing experiences with an online audience to give positive feedback on their articles. You can read more about it here.

Blogging has been a very good experience for my girls to enjoy. They are learning about writing, HTML, networking, graphics, etc. I like GGM for many reasons, but one thing for sure is the research my daughters do in order to write their articles. Their grandparents who live afar get to stayupdated on what they are learning by reading their articles there. Jess will be getting a laptop soon for her 17th birthday (which is next week by the way). So, as her and Moni get to do a lot of writing, well typing, I can spend some more time with my little ones in their books.

When we started homeschooling a couple years ago, we allowed Jess to work through that first summer and she has just about completed her 12th year. She is in a sense a graduate, she just has a little bit more Math to complete. She is, however, already working on college level studies right from home. If you have wondered if you should let your daughter go away to college or not, please know you're not alone. Many more daughters are staying home for their advanced educational studies too. I'll update soon with our plans for this 2009-2010 homeschool year.

This year Moni is running From the Learning Room again. She started that last year and it is similar to the Simple Woman's Daybook, but all about homeschooling. She transferred it over to it's own blog now, From the Learning Room. Might be fun for your blogging homeschool students to join this year.

Have you begun your planing yet?

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