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Saturday, August 8, 2009

100+ Things About Me

After a few years of blogging I am finally getting around to posting this, because I think it is easier to get to know someone on a personal level if you just share some fun and wacky facts about yourself.

1. I am NOT a nun.
2. I could not qualify anyway.
3. I was a bad girl in my teens years. (Don't ask for the details it's TMI)
4. I got to go on the road in a big rig truck with my grandpa when I was 9.
5. We traveled to 8 different states in 3 weeks and I loved it!
6. I grew up with my mom and step-dad.
7. Saw my dad 5 times in my life.
8. He passed away when I was pregnant with Jess.
9. I got to live with him for a year before he died.
10. I always called him 'daddy', even when I was 18.
11. He wanted to name me Hans Wolfgang Schmidt if I had been a boy.
12. (eye roll)
13. My childhood nickname was Skijump.
14. That started in the 6th grade when a boy, ironically named Scott, said my nose looked like one.
15. I ended up marrying a man named Scott, who happened to love my nose. :O)
16. I graduated from Hawthorne High in California in 1992.
17. I'm so glad those years are over.
18. The Beach Boys graduated from the same school a generation before me.
19. My first car was a 4-door Black El Dorado Cadillac.
20. I grew up with a small black and white TV with rabbit ears.

21. I have two half sisters. One from my daddy and one from my mom.
22. I am close to one and have no clue where the other one is. :O(
23. I always wanted a red convertible Porsche.
24. I think the giraffe is one of the most beautiful creatures in the world.
25. I get sea sick when I go out in a boat.
26. I didn't own a video game system until I was 17 years old.
27. I never could win at Mario Brothers, but I like the music. ;O)
28. I was a cashier for a few years when I was a teen.
29. I am a true blonde, but I'm not ditzy.
30. I loved Jem and the Holograms!
31. At one time I wanted to join the Air Force and fly a fighter jet.
32. I'm a superhero fanatic.
33. I liked watching She-Ra when I was a girl.
34. I had shark teeth as a girl.
35. My pinky toe nails are deformed.
36. I have small hands and tiny fingernails.
37. I still struggle with acne, I've tried EVERYTHING!
38. I had many nightmares growing up and can still remember all of them.
39. I never had a real true loyal friend until I met Jesus.
40. Other than my husband and kids, Jesus is the love of my life.

41. I grew up attending a Lutheran Church with my childhood best friend.
42. We're still friends today.
42. Neither one of us are Lutheran.
43. Her name is Lisa too.
44. We both got tattoos on the same day in the same color in the same location.
45. Mine says Lee-sa, hers says Lisa-Lisa
46. Don't ask. :P
47. I sunburn easily.
48. Blistered once and got lots of freckles.
49. Still have my childhood roller skates.
50. I smoked at the age of 16 and quit when I was 19.
51. Scott wouldn't date me unless I quit.
52. That was hard to quit, but I liked him more than smoking.
53. Yes, I used drugs, bad time in my life. I told you I was a bad girl.
54. I wanted a family more, so I quit.
55. I was 19 when I got married.
56. Yes, we dated for a very short time.
57. Scott and I were best friends before we fell in love.
58. We lived in Reno, NV when we met.
59. We moved to Northern California shortly after our wedding.
60. I adore the town we live in!

61. We have four children 3 of them girls.
62. Scott says we had girls first because he wasn't living right and I was, so we had girls first.
63. After he completed a drug recovery program we conceived one more time, we got a boy!
64. If I could have 10 more Timmy's I'd take them!
65. The first 6 years of our marriage was very rough.
66. The past several have been wonderful!
67. We spent 14 1/2 years in a legalistic church.
68. We rediscovered grace through Christ our Lord.
69. So this is a revival!
70. Better than I imagined it would be. :O)
71. I always wanted to be two things, a teacher and a Mary Kay Director. I'll stick with the teacher role.
72. The Grand Caravan is nothing like a pink Cadillac, but the passengers are my treasure.
73. I love homeschooling!
74. One of my favorite channels is The Weather Channel.
75. I still like old reruns of I love Lucy and The Cosby Show.
76. And who could forget Little House on the Prairie?
77. I have weak nails so I get acrylics now.
78. I like the French Manicure look with glitter tips.
79. Pink is my favorite color.
80. I love coffee!

81. Diet Pepsi MAX is amazing.
82. I prefer room temperature water over iced.
83. I like sugar way too much so I avoid it now.
84. Starbucks, need I say more?
85. I could eat Mexican food all day every day.
86. Seeing apples makes me happy.
87. I don't like to eat the red ones though. :P
88. I adore cats and have a Siamese princess named Fiona. (Had nothing to do with Shrek!)
89. I got to be with her when she gave birth to four kittens at 4 am.
90. The second kitten was stuck, I helped her give birth.
91. It was an amazing experience!
92. My husband got braces for me and I don't have shark teeth anymore. :O)
93. I lost half my size on The South Beach Diet.
94. Even when I was large my husband couldn't keep his hands off me.
95. I watch him play softball every weekend. I like the tight pants he wears. ;O)
96. I disliked English in high school, I'm amazed that I'm a writer now.
97. I take apologies seriously.
98. I've been hurt a lot by 'friends', but I refuse to let bitterness take root.
99. Life is too short to avoid forgiveness.
100. God gifted me with the ability to communicate with Sign Language. I also use it for worship.

I couldn't stop at 100.

101. I love my friends.
102. I'll go to the hospital with you in the middle of the night if you need me too.
103. If you refuse to go, but you really need to, I'll make you go and I'll drive.
104. If I thought you were going to cheat on your husband I'd tackle you to the ground first.
105. If you think you can drink and drive with me around, forget it. I'll throw your keys in the river.
106. I take my friendships seriously.
107. Even when we have a falling out, I still love you.
108. I have a forgiving heart.
109. But building trust again is hard work.
110. Chatting about fluff is not my cup of tea.
111. I prefer speaking about our Lord and testifying of His work in our lives.
112. I take prayer seriously.
113. I believe in healing.
114. I have received healing many times.
115. Bullies make me mad, but I still feel sorry for them.
116. I stay up late.
117. I get up early.
118. Every now and then I need to sleep in.
119. I avoid drama.
120. It drains me.
121. I enjoy intellectual and respectful debates.
122 But not arguing.
123. I can study other religions without doubting my faith.
124. I want to live on a homestead of my own someday.
125. I miss the ocean.
126. my bloggy friends are an extension of my family
127. my family knows of them, I talk about them a lot
128. my mom has connected with many of them on Facebook
129. so has my husband
130. and both my daughters :)
131. I believe in Soul Liberty..which means we each have the freedom to explore who God is to us personally.
132. I support our US Constitutional rights especially freedom of religion
133. I believe in treating each sect of religion with dignity and respect even if we disagree
134. loving one another is more important to me than which denomination they belong to.

to be continued...

The HomeSpun Life

5 kind words:

Kimberly Crowe,  August 22, 2009 at 3:44 AM  

Good afternoon! I would like to subscribe to your blog but I do not know how to do that. I see the various options but I am not sure of what they mean or which one to pick.

I love your blog! Do you know of a book that you would recommend on learning the how-to of blogging? I would love to learn and to also teach my children in homeschool. Thank you so much for all of your help and suggestions in advance.

Sisterlisa August 22, 2009 at 6:16 AM  

Hi Kimberly,

As a matter of fact I am currently writing an ebook about that. Shoot me an email at lisa422 {at} gmail dot com

Lisa January 23, 2010 at 4:45 PM  

Hi there, Lisa,
I just discovered your blog and in your 100 things, I found MANY things we have in common!! :)


Sisterlisa January 23, 2010 at 8:01 PM  

Hi Lisa. Nice to make your acquaintance. Which things do we have in common?

LisaMe! August 24, 2010 at 7:17 AM  

I Loved your 100 things.. lol My english teachers would be astounded that I became a writer too (at 40).. sometimes I can not believe it .. But when I read what I write.. I realize it is not me.. but the Lord in me .. I love that you have a friend named Lisa Too .. Now you have one name LisaMe! :) I do not think I will ever get a tattoo .. I love my computer and the friends within ..
God is everything to me .. I love the name He gave me.. LisaMe!

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