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Monday, August 10, 2009

About Me and Why I Go By Sisterlisa

I actually had someone ask me if I was a nun. For those who knew me in high school, they could testify that I am in fact NOT a nun and most certainly could not qualify to enter the convent.

That being said I will now explain why I go by Sisterlisa. Many years ago I discovered the Internet. I knew I wanted to retain some anonymity for safety reasons on the World Wide Web. When I was a little girl I got to go on the road with my grandpa and he gave me a 'handle' to be known by like he had. Many moms on the net used screen names on forums and instant messenger systems so I figured I create a name for myself that didn't involve my last name.

While I sat here at the desk trying to think of a name I called a friend of mine who lives just down the road. Her husband answered and said to his wife, "Honey it's your sister, Lisa". We're not really sisters by birth, but we are by the new birth, through Christ our Lord. That was it, I chose Sisterlisa! Many of my friends call me a sister to them and thus Sisterlisa became a hit.

Well not only did it stick on the net, but it stuck in my town as well. My husband got me a personalized license plate that says SisLisa and now many more people in my own community call me Sisterlisa, and sometimes 'Sis' for short. I love it actually and when I am zoned out trying to complete a task and I can't seem to respond to 'Mom' anymore, the kids simply say, "Sisterlisa!" It works every time. ;O)

I don't mind my real name being known now, but I am already known by Sisterlisa, what's the use of changing it now and confusing everyone?

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devildogwife August 10, 2009 at 6:47 PM  

Thanks for sharing the meaning behind your screen name. I have often wondered about that. :)

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