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Saturday, August 8, 2009

Homeschool For Free

Some people say that they can't afford to homeschool, but I want to testify that you do not need a lot of dough to educate your children. All you need is simple supplies like paper, writing utensils, etc., a computer (which you most like have if you're reading this) and a high speed internet connection. If you have a printed with ink that's a plus, but not needed.

When we began our homeschool journey I did what most parents do, I used textbooks. I continued using textbooks for the remainder of the year we brought them home, then that summer I researched several different curricula until I finalized on some basics like spelling, English Grammar, and Science. The next year I purchased even less than that. As I was preparing lesson plans for my two teens that are three grades apart I noticed their textbooks were far too similar. Same information, different cover. Needless to say I have not purchased those books again. I have all I need in the two we already have.

I then found StumbleUpon, a nifty toolbar that allows you to surf random websites. You simply set your interest to 'homeschooling' and viola! Lots of fun discoveries awaiting any homeschool mom. I bookmarked all the ones I found helpful and they are listed on my homeschool links page.

I organized them by subject, but not necessarily age. I am working on reviews for each of the sites so you can see a description next to each one I have listed. These websites are very useful and educational for the kids, not to mention F-U-N!

Most curricula websites have a Scope and Sequence to follow along with so you know basically where your child should be during that year of their life. Try not to get hung up on other peple bragging about their child's accomplishments. Give them a supportive nod and praise their child for their accomplishments. I do not recommend getting into a brag fest with them, it definitely could backfire on either one of the families and feelings end up getting hurt.

When I explain to people how much fun and how useful the internet is in our homeschool I liken it to a cartoon film I saw once. (Don't throw tomatoes at me for mentioning this film.) In Disney's Beauty and the Beast we know that Belle becomes quite lonely when the Beast's heart began to have compassion on her and he wanted to give her a special gift. He took her to a tall door and when he opened it he told her to open her eyes, it was then that she was thrilled to be standing in the largest library she had ever seen. This is how I feel about the internet. It's a library on your desktop! Still it's nothing like the feel of opening a book and smelling it's pages, but the information is there and no need for stacks of books on the counter top.

I hope my homeschool link directory that I have will encourage you about the financial part of homeschooling. If you have any questions just leave me a message and a way for me to contact you. I moderate my comments so if you want to keep the message private between you and I just let me know in the comment section.

2 kind words:

~*Mona*~ August 8, 2009 at 4:02 PM  

Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this! Right now we currently use text books as our main source of learning. However, I was speaking with the children about using what is in the textbooks to learn more via the library, internet etc. I think this will make our school days a little more fun and not so humdrum...I look forward to looking into your directory and seeing what you have to share there!


Sisterlisa August 8, 2009 at 6:46 PM  

Thank you for stopping by Mona. I hope you'll come again. :O)

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