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Tuesday, August 11, 2009

A HomeSpun Message to the Public School

I received an email, fowarded to me from a friend, about a prayer in public school. I was inspired to write a new plea from homeschool kids to the public school. By Sisterlisa at The HomeSpun Life. This poem was written by Sisterlisa and is under copyright protection of this blog. If you wish to send to others, please just include the link.

Now we sit in our homeschool,
Where prayer is not against the rule.
For this homeschool under God,
Finds comfort in His staff and rod.

When Scripture now the kids recite,
Tis pleasing in our Lord God's sight.
And anytime our heads we bow,
Our mom and dad sure do allow.

For praying in a public hall,
Makes no matter to us at all.
We have the right to meditate,
Christ's name grants us a righteous slate.

We value all of His command,
And will not be cast out or banned.
His Word is loved and treasured too,
The Living Word we can pursue.

Here we study and we read,
We have the Christ, He's what we need.
We have joy and peace beyond,
To the Holy Ghost do we respond.

Our parents have the right to choose,
and teach us all of life's virtues.
We stand up tall for what is right,
While we learn to be polite.

For us to grasp our learning style,
Mom and dad will go the mile.
They customize our homeschool plan,
We even school by mini-van.

So while you think to question us,
we have no need to ride the bus.
Our family won't hit or bite,
No need for us to defend or fight.

In safety we accomplish much,
Safe and free from a bully's clutch.
Go home now if your heart desires,
Just find out what your state requires.

Go to the Homeschool Legal Defense Association for more info on how you can homeschool too.

The HomeSpun Life

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