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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Is ADD/ADHD a Curse or a Gift?

With several extended family members and friends whose doctors say they are ADD and need medication, I am more convinced now than ever before that ADD is a false label on those who are actually quite gifted. I believe they need guidance and direction to focus in on their gift and propel forward to be able to function in the reality of their unique lives.

My husband and daughter both display some key behaviors associated with ADD. Neither one of them take meds. They are gifted and pursue the areas that they are good at. They are mulit-taskers with a passion for adventure. They are creative, inspirational, and highly motivated.

I believe it is us that needs the training to be able to show them how to harness the power they really have to excel. The ADD label came from the public school, that should tell us a lot right there. The fact is this, a parent whose children have these 'symptoms' didn't know what to do, because the teachers didn't know how to guide them into their potential. In my opinion that's just a small part of the problem. It's not the teacher's job or the doctor's job to do anything about this, it's the parent's responsibility.

As a homeschooling mom it is our responsibility, and an amazing opportunity, to show that our children are not to be labeled and given meds due to the teachers lack of wisdom in training a young person's life. No, I am not a doctor, nor a psychologist, but I am a believer in Jesus Christ and God told us, through Paul, that we can do all things through Christ. He strengthens us. He also strengthens our children. Why should our children grow up and live under a lie that tells them they are cursed with ADD? Did Jesus not end all the curses when he offered us His grace? Is ADD really a curse or just a lazy label placed on gifted children by teacher's who lack faith in Christ?

Is it a curse or a gift? More to come....

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Ruby in Montreal September 5, 2009 at 4:20 PM  

I do understand your frustration with a school system that gives up on children and labels or even medicates them because these children do not learn the same way as the rest. In our case it was a reverse scenario, in which we knew something was different about our daughter and watching her struggle to the point of tears with homework - and the teachers said there was nothing wrong at all.

While I agree with you that as parents we need to help our children find ways to use their strengths and overcome their weaknesses, I would not agree that it was the schools that created the ADD diagnosis. Actually, the history of research into ADD goes back to just after WWI, and it was psychology & neurology researchers at McGill University and the committee of psychiatrists that oversaw the publication of DSM (III, I think) who named ADD and agreed on how it would be diagnosed. As far as I'm aware nobody associated with the public school system had a hand in that, regardless of how they may use or abuse the label today.

I was present when my daughter had QEEG and other tests done to determine if she really had ADHD, and I saw how she struggled with the fairly simple tasks set for testing purposes. I have seen her test results and had them explained to me and, no, the psychologist never even suggested she be put on medication despite the severity of her difficulties.

I know there are those who have been misdiagnosed and there are teachers or administrators who try to force parents to medicate their children, but I hope it will bring you comfort to know that some children like my own do actually benefit from the diagnosis.

The diagnosis need not be a curse, any more than the actual behaviours that the child displays. It really does depend on what we do with the information once we get it.


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