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Friday, August 7, 2009

Online Education Share

I have had a list of my favorite online educational websites, but the list was getting quite long. So I have done what I could to organize them here and will continue to add to them as I discover new websites. Also keep an eye out for upcoming reviews of all these sites. In addition to these sites I incorporate videos for visual learning on our Dish network and You can also find educational videos on YouTube, but I recommend you supervise small children.

*Please keep in mind that I may not agree with all the information or the ads on some of these websites.
*If you have a site or blog you'd like to have listed, please read my review guidelines.

You can search for a  Scope & Sequence to see what the guidelines are for what a child should be learning by each grade level. I don't use S and S' verbatum, but I use them in general to get a basic idea of what to introduce to them each year.


Exploratorium: Real Life Science
Science in Cooking
Kids Gardening
Learning Planet
How Stuff Works
Weather Channel
Kids Discovery
Free Hovind

Math Facts Cafe FREE Worksheets
Primary Math Games
BCC Starship: Math and English
MattiMath Online Manipulatives
Mathematical Puzzle Word Problems (with solutions)
Math Drills (free worksheets with answers)
Teaching Textbooks

BCC Starship: Math and English
ABC Phonics
Online Children's Library
Spelling Connection
Web-Books (Free Books Online) You can read them or download them to your computer.

Old Fashioned Homemaking
Passionate Homemaking
Christian Homemaking
Organized Home

Second Languages:
Sign Language with Sisterlisa
Sign Language Video Dictionary
Spanish for Kids
Spanish for Children
Language Games (various languages)

EdHeads: Virtual Science
Kids Geo (Geology and Geography)
Kids National Geographic
National Geographic (teens+)
Education Place (blank maps)

History Channel
KidsPast (some secular content)
BBC History
Paper Dali (free downloadable paper dolls from various historical eras)

Kids Health
About Kids Health
Nutrition for Kids

The C.I.A. For Kids
Gov for Kids (USA)
Constitution Class Lectures (Michael Badnarik)

Social Studies:
Social Studies for Kids
Social Studies (for parents)

Pix-O-Sphere (Family Friendly)

Kids Know It
Discovery Education
I Know That (ages 2-12) This interactive website is free, but you can upgrade for a reasonable fee to avoid ads and utilize premium features.
BrainPop (Brain Pop sites are paid subscription, but some videos are free)
Brain Pop Jr.
Big IQ Kids (spelling, reading, math, states)
Whyzz Answering your kids whyzz whatzz and howzz!
Free Worksheets (elementary ages k-6)

For the Moms:
Homeschool Lounge
Lapbook Community
Graham Family Ministries and Homeschool Downloads
Ever Note
PBS Teachers
Hot Chalk
The HomeSchool Village

Open Courseware with MIT
Open Courseware Consortium
Free Education From Federal Agencies

HTML Lessons
Photoshop Tutorials
Microsoft Excel Tutorials

Other Resourceful Homeschool Moms that Knock my Socks Off:

MommyMatters with Karin Katherine
Sprittibee's Homeschool
Cate Family @ Why Homeschool
Jolanthe @ Homeschool Creations

For Preschool moms:

ABC and 123 Learning

Tots School

Totally Tots

Free Homeschooling

Curriculum I like
Abeka Language and Grammar
Victory Drill (Pre-K through 7)

2 kind words:

Dani Joy August 8, 2009 at 8:02 AM  

Oh I will be coming back to check these out! thanks for taking the time to link all of these! I am sure there is a gold mine!

Jolanthe August 20, 2009 at 4:42 PM  

Thanks so much! :) We have the ABeka scope and sequence hanging out here too just for reference. I always scoop up a couple when they are in town because they tend to wander off! ;)

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