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Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Birdies Are Tweeting for Me

*This story occurred a couple of years ago...

One day as my son and I arrived at Wal-Mart the birds were chirping, and there were A LOT of birds. So there we were, my son and I, as we were approaching our home away from home, when Timmy asks why they're chirping so much. I sweetly replied with a wink in my eye, that the birdies always chirp for mommy. He looked at me with amazement and asks,"Just like they do for Cinderella?" I couldn't help but to encourage this as I felt so special. "Yes honey, just like Cinderella." (How could I resist?)

Many mornings Timmy awakens before I do, and comes to my room and wakes me with this statement, "Mommy, the birdies are tweeting for you, it's time to wake up." By the way, Timmy wakes up before the sun on most mornings and I have tried 'everything' to get him to sleep in , but no such luck!

So, that morning I had trouble waking up, as I didn't sleep well at all that night. My husband was a dear and closed off all source of light so I could sleep in, just then Timmy walks in. "Mommy, the birdies are tweeting for you, it's time to wake up." As I muster all the strength I can find to open one eyelid, I see his silhouette beside my bed. I whisperly moan to him that I'm tired. He then gently opens one of my hands and places something light and fuzzy in my hand, then whispers excitedly, "Mommy I found a birdie outside."

Startled I try even harder to open my eyes, as my mind races to figure out what he just placed in my hand. "Timmy, what is this?" He whispers again with more exuberance,"I found a birdie outside Mommy!" I gasp and jump to my feet, trying to keep my balance as I feel dizzy from lack of sleep. I stumble to the bathroom to open the door for light. I'm thinking to myself that this birdie is NOT moving and I am fearing what I will see when I open my hand. I just know we're going to need a funeral service for this birdie. How in the world did my son happen upon a dead birdie? I cringed at the thought that he may have crushed this poor birdie as he picked it up. I take one deep breath as I open the door and open my hand, I closed my eyes! I don't know if I can look! I open one eye and see a tiny, fuzzy, curled up CHENILLE stick from Monica's scrapbooking collection. I turned and looked at Timmy as he is giggling with enjoyment, so proud of himself, as he giggles out, "Just tricking you mommy!"

FOR CRYING OUT LOUD! "yes, Timmy... you got mommy good." I can't help but to be so proud of him myself as this was the first time he has ever orchestrated such a practical joke and he played it off so well. Quite the 4 year old I have eh?

But he still believes that the birdies are tweeting for 'ME'. ;O)

Timmy is now about to turn 7 years old and he loves when I tell this story.

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Devildogwife October 6, 2009 at 12:04 PM  

That's a great story. I'm impressed that he was able to think of that on his own at that age.

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