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Monday, October 19, 2009

Homeschooling and Business

One of the really cool things about homeschooling is that homeschoolers have time to build their own home based businesses. Many teen homeschoolers have begun building and designing blogs, get into graphic design, sewing dresses and aprons, make jewelry etc. All of these business related ventures are educational and bring a profit. More and more homeschoolers are getting their own Etsy shops and their parents are helping with paypal accounts. It's truly an educational experience. But far more exciting, in my opinion, is when a teen homeschooler becomes an entrepreneur. Breezy and Emily Rose have not only started a business from home, I believe their business is a future for them and will bring them a large dividend and working this will be the utmost educational business experience I have seen yet. (if you know of more who have done such things let me know) ...after thought, well The Rebelution did publish a book and speak all over the country now. :P

So anyway as I was saying I think having a home based business for homeschool students is extraordinary. My own family has ventured out as well and have filed for a corporation and will be hitting the internet very soon with our own business. Jessica and I have shared a vision with my husband and a few friends and business colleagues, which really excited all of them. Had it not been for their encouragement and investment in joining us it would not have become a reality. This isn't something we just produced all on our own human thought, God placed it in our hearts and we followed Him. So encourage your teens in the area they are gifted at. Let them surrender those gifts to God and seek His direction in allowing those gifts to be something that can sustain them financially, and be used as hands on experience and education as well.

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