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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Decisions Decisions

It's not like me to post about matters in my life that are not in relation to the purpose of my blogs. AGMinistries is devotions, some reviews, and occasional giveaways, and this one is for homeschooling. But I was reading over at MomDot and Trish had mentioned some funny 'annoying bloggers' in an article she wrote and I thought, "Oh no, am I one of those bloggers whose life seems perfect due to what I blog about?" (By the way if you have issues with medium to strong language, then this is your caution before going to visit. She sure is funny though.)

So I got to thinking... do I seem perfect, oh I am SO NOT perfect. I actually shared a post about the AWFUL incident I had at Walmart, but maybe it was TMI, because I didn't get much of a reaction from it, but it sure was hilarious to me. :P And if you follow my blog religiously you'll know I make typos, and even though Blogger has a spell checker, it doesn't always catch everything.

So I figured I'd ask, do you want to know more about me and my days? Like how crazy packed the stores were today while I shopped for Thanksgiving? Or about how sometimes I come across people in town who listen to gossip and shun me when they see me coming? Or how happy I am that Starbucks has their Cranberry Bliss Bars back again? (Lord, please don't let me eat more than two this holiday season!) I really need to get out for some walks soon. 

My sister is in town visiting me for Thanksgiving. She blessed me with a turkey and some groceries. Another friend came to see me this morning OUT OF THE BLUE and brought another turkey! So we'll save that one for our special meal in December. This is such a blessing, especially since my husband was falsely suspended without pay due to a rumor, which has since been established was NEVER true to begin with, but they STILL haven't reinstated him. And they haven't officially fired him so we can't get unemployment. Some believe the rumor,( how did they hear of it? THEY ANNOUNCED IT PUBLICLY as true, BEFORE checking into it) STILL, yet all we can do is trust our Lord and know who our real friends are. The ones who KNOW us and know we would NEVER do what we are accused of. Maybe one day these people will openly and publicly admit they were wrong. But until then, some in our city believe the rumor and we are treated as such when we run into people in town. You know, those "You're a loser" looks. Or "I'm ashamed of you and don't believe you as you stand there and tell me it isn't true." looks. Or how about the comments on facebook that say, "I'm glad they canned your husband, You're pathetic."? Yes we get all those comments and looks from people. Gossip is a terrible thing. If the rumor about us was true, they'd have every right to feel that way, but they never bothered to find out if the rumor was true or not.

We find out the hard way, who our real friends are. So here we go, into the Thanksgiving holiday and I am thrilled that companies allow people to say "Happy Thanksgiving" even though they aren't allowed to say Merry Christmas. :P

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