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Friday, November 27, 2009

Ever Have Peppadews?

If you haven't, you're missing out! A friend of mine introduced me to Peppadews and I FLIPPED for them! We took these Peppadews, found at the Olive Bar at Safeway, and stuffed them with mini cubes of Jack cheese and wrapped them in salami. Man are they ever good! I also wanted to share with you our dinner table before we ate. I just love square plates! I need new cups though. They seem to break too much. :P

Every time I want to find a photo of a nicely set table at stock photo sites, I can never find a good free one. I think I'll start taking more of my own. Does it look good? I like my square table, but it sure is uncomfortable for fellowship at the table. I am imagining a new way of setting up a dining room. Hopefully I'll have my own home one day. And when I do, I imagine a more comfortable dining space with a more comfy feel to it. But for now, this one looks good. ;)

What's your dining room like?
Is it a space that is comfortable for fellowship at the table?
Be sure to try Peppadews, they're really good!

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