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Saturday, November 28, 2009

How Insulting

The films made for families are increasingly insulting. We went to see Planet 51 today (LAME) and the previews for the upcoming 'family' movies were insulting, to say the least. Animators and film makers, we are disgusted with you. You may think you need to make films for stupid people to watch, but the problem with that is that you only show how unintelligent YOU really are. Is this the BEST you can come up with? And you want OUR children to grow up to be actors and film makers? You're really not giving them your best foot forward.

I'll give you a hint bold statement.... Kids don't think flatulence is funny, nor belching, nor 'relieving' themselves in places other than the mens room (or ladies room). We don't think public nakedness is humorous. Stupidity is NOT funny. We don't want to see animals hump a person's leg or any other such scenes. And it only goes to show that you lack the ability to come up with intelligent humor that really brings about clean laughter. Instead you just show how foolish you are as film makers. Did you not get a good education? I feel sorry for the colleges you attended. They should be ashamed to give you a diploma. If I were your college dean, I would refuse to allow you to write on your resumes that you came from my school.

Film making colleges, can't you do better than this? Are these the only graduates you're putting out? Can your animators only draw cartoon characters that look like half-created humans? Stick figures aren't artistic or talented.

I'm so sorry you felt like you got an education, I hope you have something to fall back on. Your money won't bring you joy and your films don't bring about any type of inspiration for young people to be like Einstein, it'll just make them like you.

Are there ANY REAL film makers out there any more?

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