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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Oh They're SO Mean!

If you were ever a teenager, you know about 'Mean Girls'. And sometimes they're just SO mean! And to keep seeing it in grown up life is despicable. Why in the world do we need to keep seeing it in the blogosphere? I suppose it's so we can be thankful for the real friends we have, or to show the difference between who is kind and who is not so we know the difference. Whatever the reason, they're here and they'll stay. Even when they repent and turn from their meanie ways, another will step into their place. C'est La Vie.

Sometimes, golly... I get shocked at how mean they are. I GASP sometimes and think, "What gives?" Has anyone seen the movie 'Mean Girls'? Have you read the movie that inspired the film? It's call "Queen Bee's and Wannabes" by Rosalind Wiseman. It's good, really good. She also wrote a sequel about their parents called, "King Pin Dads and Queen Bee Moms" She did a fantastic job of researching and writing about this psychotic behavior of playground bullies and how they grow up to be the same in an adult body.

And the scary thing is that they're not just found on the playground at school, but they follow us into Cyber Space and in ministries too. I highly recommend her site and her books for information on protecting yourselves and your kiddos from falling into their mean traps and how to recover from being bashed by them.

Something I've noticed about this kind of bullying is that they become sophisticated about it. They're so crafty about their meanness that you can't quite put your finger on it. That is a craftiness that is wicked beyond the childhood bullies of the 50's. Now they're so sneaky about  it, that it's practically impossible to catch them in their deeds and even harder to prove it.

And when you call them out and say, "Hey you're a mean girl" you might very well get bashed as judgmental and it draws their followers in even closer to them. But they'll need to find out on their own I suppose. And when they do discover their meanness and they come back to you for help, give them a big hug and help them recover. (And by the way, it's not only girls, but boys too.)

So have you been a victim of a mean girl or mean guy?
Have you ever been blamed for being the meanie?
Do you wonder what the characteristics are of a meanie?

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1 kind words:

Sheri November 29, 2009 at 8:35 AM  

It's so sad! My DD has been the victim of mean girls twice. The first time it was very blatant and easy to help her through it (Especially when they showed up with their hair dyed the same color and started dressing like her!)

The second time was a mess. A true mess. To the point that I was very concerned for her safety, whether harm would come from the girls or from herself. I tried to help her work it out but finally had to get involved. It was a very scary time. She still talks about how mean they were, it will always affect her.

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