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Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Spiritual Truths Hidden in Star Wars 3

Late last night my two teen daughters and I stayed awake late after the kiddles went to dreamland. They had some questions, actually a lot of questions, about some spiritual matters. I enjoy these late nights with my girls, but when morning comes around it's a lot harder to wake up. :P

At times like these I become stronger in my belief that their spiritual education is far more valuable than academics. Academics are good, but if we raise our children to be highly intelligent, but ignorant of who Christ is, then we fail as Christian parents.

Before the kiddles drifted off in slumber, I watched Star Wars 3 with Timmy. I had seen it before, but for some reason it seemed as though I had never seen it. There is a lot of spiritual truths to that film. Last night I saw more of it than ever before and it was a great opportunity to talk to my 7 year old about how the enemy works through Pride and manipulation. The Chancellor being a master manipulator and plays on the impressionable mind of Anakin. I will say that even after 13 years of teaching Sunday School in my previous church, it is not always easy to explain spirituality to a small child, but last night he understood. :O)

The girls and I discussed many things one of which was the difference between guilt and condemnation. Guilt is when God shows you that you're wrong and condemnation is when the devil meets you there. That's when he points his accusatory finger at your guilt and makes you feel hammered down and beat back into the bondage of submission to him. Sadly, we have seen far too often how the enemy uses other Christians to complete his agenda. They key is to be able to recognize the enemy when he speaks, whether it's directly to you or through another 'Believer', and when you can discern that the voice is the enemy, go directly into worshiping Christ our Lord. The enemy will then flee from you. :O)

Just like when a child is sorry and he comes to you crying, wanting you to embrace him, we are the same to our Father. He will embrace you in your repentance. So will genuine Christians.

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