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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Social Studies Extreme

This past few months has been one social studies lesson after another, only not learned from books. No, this kind of study was up close and personal, I guess you could call it a perpetual field trip. In short...we have received more kindness, dignity, and respect from people who don't even believe in Christ, than from those who have been vehemently bashed us with their designer 'god' label on their shirts. The ongoing battle just shows us who Christ is not. The Jesus I know and love does not behave that way. Perhaps they serve a different Jesus. Boy he sure wasn't candy coating it when he said people would betray you and deliver you up in the synagogues. Have you ever read those childrens books where Alice walks right into the book and lives among the days with Christ our Lord? Or perhaps seen the film 'Inkheart' where the sinister characters come into this present world when you read from the pages of the books? Yep, that's our life.

There are days when I am strong and there are days when I am angry. There are days when I cry uncontrollably and days when I think nothing of it. God speaks to me in every feeling I have and it's  God's Holy Spirit, through my husband who holds me back and encourages me to be still when I'm ready to let my flesh take over and really get into the battle. But that is my old nature and I don't want the old Lisa living in me. I want Christ to live in me. Yet there are times when the very words that are spoken to my heart desires to jump off my lips as I breath existence into those words that would slam dunk a big fat rock in their pond and get them and everyone around them soaking wet. Perhaps the cold water would do them some good.

The 'Mean Girls' flick pales in comparison to what we are going through and no film or book could ever teach my children these social studies lessons as well as this situation does. It's no wonder people are so turned off by 'Christianity'. For those who have been burned by so called Christians, I am so sorry you have been hurt. You're right, they shouldn't act like that. But Christ our Lord is not like them. Please don't let their unbiblical behavior scare you away from the true love of Christ our Lord. True Christians are hard to find and you're most likely to find them while they go through the fire. Yes, they'll be the ones still standing and not bowing down to man. They'll stand in the fire and refuse to bow and they will stand for Christ our Lord and for what He says is right. They won't coerce you into their religion or church, they won't bash you if you disagree with them.

You'll know them by their fruit, not by the amount of thorns the try to hide. You will know them by how they love one another, not by how much mistreatment they inflict upon one another. It's the enemy that accuses the brethren and seeks to condemn  them. Christ our Lord preaches confession and repentance. He doesn't sweep anything under the rug to hide it, but he covers true repentance with mercy and grace as we seek Him with our whole heart. Want to experience a Social Studies lesson of the extreme? Stand for what is right, even when the leader refuses to repent. And it's okay if you don't want to be in that battle. If you see it happen among others, a true Christian won't ridicule you for fleeing the presence of wolves. Some are called into that battle and some are not. Whatever you decide, I believe God will bless you. Just don't ever bow to man.

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