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Friday, December 4, 2009

The Wall

When someone accuses others, why don't they allow for them to discuss the matter? Why not just say, "Hey I think you are wrong about such and such." So you can come back and say, "You misunderstood me let me explain..." Or if you have indeed hurt them, whether on purpose or ignorantly, you can at least come back and say you're sorry. But instead people allow the enemy to build up a wall that further divides. Walls can sometimes come from banning from blogs, refusing to communicate via email or phone, snubbing people in the stores when you're shopping, coercing friends to choose one friend over the other, etc. We're all guilty of it.

I don't think, at all, that God ever intended for his children to flat out cut each other off. He is a God of reconciliation. Trust can be rebuilt again, after all he allows us the same opportunities to be redeemed. But owning up is key. A real apology is vital. Just trying to continue in life as if the offense never happened is a slap in the face for those we have hurt. I think, if we're honest with ourselves and God, that we can all take a step back and ask God the following questions:

1. Who have I hurt and how can I make ammends?
2. I've been hurt and can't seem to shake the bitterness, God my heart is hardened by pain can you make me tender?
3. Am I willing to take the steps toward healing and reconciliation. If not why?

The division needs to come down, but it can't until people own up to the wall they built and tear it down. I love these two videos about the Berlin Wall.This will be our studies next week in our homeschool.

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