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Saturday, January 16, 2010

ATTN Homeschoolers We Need to Unite!

God laid this on my heart the other night. I have noticed some homeschool and other family friendly magazines lowering prices and we all know the economy is hitting print publications all over. Even at full price, most magazines don't exceed $25 or so dollars a YEAR. If we need to cut back somewhere in our own budget, I implore you NOT to cut back in this area.

Whether it's 2,4, or more issues a year, your subscription is supporting other homeschoolers and feeding their families. They bring us countless articles of inspiration, hope, and encouragement to our lives. They also introduce us to other family friendly businesses through their advertisements, thus supporting those businesses and families as well.We are a community of educators, many of them are family in Christ. We have the opportunity to help provide for one another by keeping our business with companies like these.

At $25 a year, that's just over 1/2 a Starbucks' Latte a MONTH. I am certain we can all cut back on a coffee, a soda pop, or a cheeseburger, so that we can be sure our fellow educators and their families can make it through this economic climate.

Please help spread the word about this message of hope for our homeschool family friendly businesses.

Start the year off with helping them by renewing your subscription to your favorite homeschool magazines today. If you can afford it, subscribe for a friend too.

Thank you! May our Lord bless your faith filled decision.

The HomeSpun Life

2 kind words:

dianne - bunny trails January 16, 2010 at 11:39 PM  

I must agree, Lisa. I gain so much from the subscriptions that I do have - they're well worth it. And I do love to help other homeschoolers and small businesses. Good reminder.

Thrice Blessed February 15, 2010 at 9:38 AM  

I've had no choice but to cut back everywhere, AND to start working more hours outside the home. I haven't gotten a homeschool magazine for over 4 years anyway, but I've even had to cut back curriculum costs. I think its a matter of degree, how MUCH is your family struggling...
My family income is under poverty levels for a family of five, and we could qualify for assistance, but don't want the government intrusion into our home unless we absolutely cannot survive without it, so we haven't applied.

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